666 Baby

Oh my, today some imbalanced events disturbed me.

I went to download “The Omen” from Bitcomet.

It’s some spookfest that dwells on the significance of the number “666”.

“666” has long been related to occult affairs, matters of which shall be skipped as Christians should shun such activities.

Anyway, the show was really scary. The devil baby thing was the worst.

And it had a “666” tattoo on its shoulder. Cool.

Qi Yuwu should get a “881” on his too, as a movie tie-in of sorts.

Eventually, the show led me to ponder the truth behind this dreaded combination of numbers.


You wake up at 6 in the morning(which is what I do).

You take two dice and roll. “66” is the result.

You absent-mindedly press on a calculator. The display reads “666”.

Your parents give you 6 dollars for pocket money(mine don’t, those scrooges!).

You take the bus 66 to school.

Taking you away from your block 666.

From the 6th floor on which you reside.

Upon reaching your school, you head for your classroom, 6Z.

This is because you have retained in your school for 2 years.

You play blackjack with your friends. Get a hand of “6,6,6” and lose.

Fork over the 6 bucks to your grinning classmate, who looks like he just had some hawt “63X”.

You stupidly stick you finger into the power point, and get shocked with 66 volts worth of electricity.

You take 6 subjects, your mental capacity of 6 bytes cant support any more.

You score 66 marks in the Geog test and feel elated, only to find out the teacher marked it wrongly. Gee Gee.

School ends at 6.

You take the bus back to your house, once again 66 and 666.

Lying on the bed, you revise the 6 subjects that will be tested for the exams.

However, you feel bored and turn your 666mhz computer on.

Type out a blog entry, your 66th.

Gee Gee once again.


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