Rumbling and Vroom Pt.2

You must all be really drained now, so let’s have an update of Thursday and today.

There was the Chemistry paper yesterday, and boy was it owning indeed. Miss Tay made no jokes when she said it was gonna be harder than the previous year’s. The 2006 variant was nothing compared to it, and it made the ten year series seem like a colouring book by comparison.

Nevertheless, I managed to complete it, except for 2 questions. 4 marks gone, plus some things that I’m sure to get wrong too; that adds up to roughly 6 marks. The only solace I can draw from this is that some people actually confused the question format with that of history. 3 questions choose 1. Haha GeeGee if you were stupid enough to do so.

Today was good. Something to own the China scholars at. Other than facade, everything else was a breeze. Summary was the easiest I’d ever seen, and the passages were really, really, really nothing at all. It must have looked like Sanskrit to the PRC scholars though.

I went to sell my bugged iPod mini to some idiot today, who thought that he could make a cheap deal of $65. Well he was wrong. Remember I told you the battery life is only three hours? Victory is sweet. Deceit is the best form of offense. Sun Tze’s Art of War says so, no arguments!^^

Went to Chia’s house again after that. Arrived at around 3:50pm, by which time the usual playground rumblings were already underway. And.. I discovered a secret. Wankie and Chia also managed to uncover this hidden fact! So.. what is it?

Conforming with the policy of not attacking the enemy directly as stated in Sun Tze’s
sacred texts(yes it owns, no arguments!), I shall perform some large-scale alteration on today’s happenings. Keep in mind all events as described are real, they are just not in the original form haha.

Playground Wars
Me, Edmund, Chia, and Wankie were present.
With this in mind, can you figure out who’s who?
It was time for Hong Kong to make his assault. Only one obstacle stood in the way of his invasion of China. The Great Wall Of China! Fortunately, for some unknown reasons, there was a slide passing through the wall that lead into China’s territory.
Evil Hong Kong grinned in pleasure. Walking up the ramp, his Hong Kong feet sticking to the slope like Spiderman to a wall, he dodged the ren min bis that were being flung his way. Now he was right in front of the wall. Hong Kong raised his right leg to an obtuse angle, preparing to penetrate the cowering China’s defences, when there was a loud “RIP”. Peering down into his lower regions, he noticed that his pelvis had been exposed! Just then, a gust of wind blew past and the surrounding nations, namely China, Singapore and Australia saw the truth, and nothing but the truth. A pair of briefs in the form of an American flag peered out from the depths of the Hong Kong suburbs. The Hong Kong trooper is actually an American spy on espionage! Oh my!

We managed to get a picture of the ruined pants. Here it is. As you can see, it would make a very suitable outfit for the likes of Hardo Gay indeed.

You can also humour yourself with a clip of China playing Blind Mice.

And this section is dedicated to a particular someone.
(Courtesy of Wikipedia)
Mental retardation is a term for a pattern of persistently slow learning of basic motor and language skills (“milestones”) during childhood, and a significantly below-normal global intellectual capacity as an adult. One common criterion for diagnosis of mental retardation is a tested intelligence quotient (IQ) of 70 or below and deficits in adaptive functioning.
People with mental retardation may be described as having developmental disabilities, global developmental delay, or learning difficulties.

Profound mental retardation- IQ below 20

The term “black” is often used to denote people whose skin colour pigments far exceeds that of a normal Asian’s. Normally, they are retarded too.

Vroom. Have fun studying!


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