Dota and Physics, no sugar added

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Oh my.

The above line must have come from listening to too much mrbrown.

The podcasts churned out by him have proven to be a good accompaniment to studying; extensive testing concur with this.

Anyway, there are three papers left in my exam timetable, namely Physics, Chinese and EMath.

Physics should be nothing to worry about, a quick glance through the book later and I should be all set.

Chinese, like Physics, can be completed without breaking a sweat, or even a stench. More commonly known as the subject “pass can liao”, I shall only be devoting three hours at most to prepare for this subject for which I have utter disregard.

That leaves EMath. Not too concerned about it though, since my EMath has always been sub-par, unlike my AMath which is disastrous. Mystifying isn’t it. Both are maths, yet one sucks and the other scrapes through every time. Assured of at least a 60, if my mid-year Emath luck is able to sustain its streak. That was a 62 by the way, lol.

And, to further take my mind off these holysheet examinations, Dota has been prescribed. Played until 4am on Saturday morning with the usual suspects. Looly dozed off in the middle of one game and left his Naix at the neutral creeps. Oh my.

Hoho time to own.

Gee Gee.

Many people seem to have adopted a “the exams are over woohoo/ yippee/ whee!” mentality. That seems to be the case, as there are only three days left to liberty.

Okay time for Physics.


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