In the end, it doesn’t even matter

These few days haven’t been very lively, frankly speaking. Pre-exam jitters have evolved, like humankind, into the post-exam fretting. We see people getting upset over their poor marks, and spewing uncouth vulgarities such as Duck(swap ‘D’ with the letter two letters after it.)everywhere they go. Of course, there is not much point in wishing for a duck unless the occasion calls for it, and it is a rare occasion indeed. Therefore, shall we propose that Duck be changed to Dang? Dang is a informal term a couple of notches below Duck on the vulgarity scale, and thus conforms with our bid to make Singapore a less vulgar place. Vroom?

Anyway, the class was brought to some dilapidated tea house somewhere off the boundaries of Katong, though I am of the idea it is somewhere around Raffles Place, since I saw a cross-breed commonly known as the Merlion on the bus ride. The original plan was to maintain Wi-Fi connection with the 3K bus along the journey, thus preserving our Burnout joy. However, this was not to be, as the 3K bus was of a state worse than the SBS buses you see everywhere. To give you an idea of how disastrous a condition it was in, let me tell you that it was lagging behind by ten bus lengths even though we had a pig weighing in at five hundred pounds on our bus(actually, make that three pigs). Some other entertainment in the form of songs and podcasts were provided though, so I didn’t really mind.

We arrived at the aforementioned dump not too long after. One of the porky pigs got off the bus to settle the arrangements with the staff there, and we felt the elevation of the bus rise significantly, like Matty when he sees Abby.

Anyway, just to digress, a conversation we had on MSN just now while waiting for the inhouse to start. We were busy discussing the regulations of the Crossfire LAN shop.

[c=4][b]x[/b][/c]layer[c=4][b]P[/b][/c]yroflare[c=4][b]m[/b][/c]atthew © 2002 – says:
i holidays i go work there(Crossfire)
#35 Kenneth x[IceMilo]x 2B’06 不用擔心的太多, 我會一直好好過 says:
#35 Kenneth x[IceMilo]x 2B’06 不用擔心的太多, 我會一直好好過 says:
` ahsNCC.:: C S PEH ::.Charlie`o7 `[b]La Byle[/b] is my name. It took that long. says:
Nagisa says:
some looly
Nagisa says:
you know
[a=1][c=4][::ßÏŻżÄЯΘ::][/c] It’s not something you can just tell your mind to end..[/a] says:
` ahsNCC.:: C S PEH ::.Charlie`o7 `[b]La Byle[/b] is my name. It took that long. says:
who will hire you
[a=1][c=4][::ßÏŻżÄЯΘ::][/c] It’s not something you can just tell your mind to end..[/a] says:
[c=4][b]x[/b][/c]layer[c=4][b]P[/b][/c]yroflare[c=4][b]m[/b][/c]atthew © 2002 – says:
u got friendly staff from then on
Nagisa says:
[a=1][c=4][::ßÏŻżÄЯΘ::][/c] It’s not something you can just tell your mind to end..[/a] says:
#35 Kenneth x[IceMilo]x 2B’06 不用擔心的太多, 我會一直好好過 says:
they looking for staff not food
[a=1][c=4][::ßÏŻżÄЯΘ::][/c] It’s not something you can just tell your mind to end..[/a] says:
you go there they whack u
[a=1][c=4][::ßÏŻżÄЯΘ::][/c] It’s not something you can just tell your mind to end..[/a] says:
u cant afford to offend anyone
[c=4][b]x[/b][/c]layer[c=4][b]P[/b][/c]yroflare[c=4][b]m[/b][/c]atthew © 2002 – says:
` ahsNCC.:: C S PEH ::.Charlie`o7 `[b]La Byle[/b] is my name. It took that long. says:
matty getting owned
[c=4][b]x[/b][/c]layer[c=4][b]P[/b][/c]yroflare[c=4][b]m[/b][/c]atthew © 2002 – says:
i got black belt
[a=1][c=4][::ßÏŻżÄЯΘ::][/c] It’s not something you can just tell your mind to end..[/a] says:

Matty with a black belt. Let your imagination run amok.

We were soon escorted by some China prostitutesscammerscheap laborers staff into their humble abode. And when I say humble, I mean humble. The stairs leading up into the place were drastically in need of a repair. I speculate that it will collapse in good time, probably when the next few classes visit. Sayonara to you, good sirs. Prepare your parachutes too.

Anyway, they brought us up to the uppermost storey of the cheapskate palace. This was after they made us remove our shoes to avoid staining their already dusty floor any further. It was here that I experienced racial discrimination for the first time in my life. We had already settled down at this cozy spot, situated a comfortable distance away from the central gathering area, when this China staff told us to move to another table. Presuming that they wanted us to join the rest of the congregation, we complied. However, a few minutes later, some PRC scholars swarmed the vacated table without any intervention! This is obviously rigged, and we were all swallowed by the jowls of the evil Chinamen.

Then, this old female hailing from native China showed us how to make snowskin mooncakes. I dozed off in the middle of the lecture, so there’s nothing much I can say of this segment.

Oh boy, but I stayed awake for the course on the preparation of tea though. I suppose you can say that the guy(or the term that resembles guy but with another vowel in the middle instead of ‘u’)probably had more yin than yang in his yin-yang ratio. This is probably responsible for the, shall we say, flowery and smoochy voice we were exposed to for a whole fifteen minutes or so. I lost the gist of it along the way, and so did the others, thus some rather chaotic tea-making took place. To better illustrate this scene, let me tell you that our boiler flashed like some crazed flashbang twice, we used two kettles of water to prepare the entire bag of tea leaves, and you could see a Ju Hua Tai(Crysenthemum Platform)in our drainage system in which you were supposed to dispose of your junk. Oh yeah, they also served some light refreshments such as cream puffs and tea eggs. Something tingled in me when the plate touched our tables, since Chinamen are always up to no good. Apparently, I was proved right when they brought up a whole stock of cream puffs and tea eggs to sell, at two dollars for four and one dollar for one respectively. Nice one, stimulating hunger then flooding the market with cheap mass-produced goods that sold at high prices one can expect of such a piranha shop. Those conniving buggers! I didn’t get any pictures to show you all since capturing such poor scenery would only lower the resolutions of my camera, which is already low enough at 2 megapixels thank you very much. Okay now KThxBai.

We left soon after, and got back to the bus. It was raining by the way, and everyone knows that the rain brings good fortune. The early birds who flocked to the bus got a free performance of a particular being proclaiming his/her/its beauty. There you have it, your candidate for the most sarcastic statement of the year. It should even win a Nobel, this holy shit.

Some distortion of popular tunes such as Wo Ke Yi, Qian Li Zhi Wai, Fa Ru Xue and Ge Qian took place during the ride back. Fortunately, I had packed my earphones and was ready to plop them in prior to any emergencies. There was no such chance however, as I was already laughing too hard at the horribly abridged melodies of insanity.

Arrived at school shortly after, and took the bus 17 home like usual.

Rumbling went on, and before I knew it the day had passed.

So, we had the Mock Exam today. I suffered from the worst possible mind block possible, as I always do when I see marked boxes on a plain white paper. The whole of recess was spent playing Burnout, and there were two new additions to the rumbling, namely Ashley the Peh and L#L the Wankie. Wankie had a sad day today, getting his L#L’s worth p
wned in Burnout, breaking his PSP charger and temporarily losing his memory stick. Coincidentally, the two new PSPs are white. You know what that means.
It means there’s an imbalanced ratio of 5:2 PSPs in between our two classes. Black FTW as always.

Oh, and there was a financial literacy course after that, for those who bother. Basically, it teaches you how easy it is to win on the stock market so kiddos can earn your first million as if it were Monopoly money. That’s a good idea, that is. Let’s all buy some owning stocks soon!

I read this somewhere: “Sometimes it’s just not worth trying anymore”. The thing is, when is this sometime? I guess it was probably in this game.

Yeah, they didn’t have to try anymore since the Doc here is imbalanced. Loo should feel honoured since he’s getting some free publicity. Though it’s partially censored to protect the distributor’s interest, you’re free to guess. Just don’t guess on the tagboard can liao.

Second part of the Mock Exam tomorrow, cheerio.


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