It got owned

You’ve got over it already? Cool.

Yet another ambiguous line of speech that projects many a meaning, depending on the target audience.

You could have gotten over.. feeding.

You might also have gotten over.. bridging woes.

And you should have gotten over.. well those matters are best left to one’s discretion, aren’t they?

Besides, there was nothing in the first place, was there?

Well, now that’s over with, let’s move on to livelier issues.

I decided not to go to Chiang Rai after all.

Rumbling at home triumphs over it any day.

Seriously, it was all just a facade.

I got the facade vocabulary question correct by the way, even though I wrote “the area in front of a building”.

They probably showed some leniency since almost the whole cohort probably didn’t have a hell’s idea on what a facade is.

Sometimes, random guessing really does help.

Anyway, as quoted from Sun Tze’s Art Of War(yes, the book is still in my house), retreat early in a tedious skirmish to avoid heavy losses on both sides.

How true.

Great, I’ve wasted some energy on those lines with no link in between them whatsoever. Moving on to reality.

Went to the Singapore Power place after school for the energy saving course yet again. Took the test and left. Surprisingly, there were girls in TKGS-lookalike uniforms there, but everyone knows that an imitation pales in comparison to the original product. You can’t expect to score well for a test if you don’t study beforehand, and I was left staring blankly at the little quiz. Handed up a shoddily done piece and collected the free souvenir, which was coincidentally a carabiner with FM radio capabilities. Advanced technology indeed, mates. This goes together with the carabiner I got from the NBQ, and together they form the pwnage Carabiner Duo!

Walked to Cineleisure with some of the Sec 3 BB people after that for a meal at Kobayashi. I got scammed big time, paying $9.70 for a meal with a drink. The meal compromised of noodles, teppenyaki vegetables, rice balls and some grilled salmon. Complimentary miso soup was included too, for those who care.

I have noticed a growing phenomenon, which is the forming of new words that are not actual words by placing -ed behind nouns. Examples are PSPed, cabbed, MRTed, towned and the like. I miloed just now! Hmm wait a minute, that didn’t come out right.

At the moment, I’m waiting for Banglaben and Jem to finish their CCA stuff so we can play. I’m suffering from boredom depression, and solitaire only serves to stoke it.


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