I have been lacking the composure to manufacture anything proper as of late; you can all just have two songs to start this very random post.

Dota has been my best friend these few days, basically because there is nothing else to do at home. I missed school on Friday, and aside from the hellish stomachache that struck me when I woke up, the graduation ceremony was more than enough motivation to take the day off.

Other than that, it has been Burnout all the way in school. Syphon Filter while at home requires me to switch between the two games every day. Since SFilter is at 1.2Gb and Burnout occupies 800mb of space, I can’t get them into the memory card at the same time. It’s a 2Gb weakling by the way. A good proposal would be to start saving some money and buy a snazzy new 4Gb stick from our temple of tech, sim lim square. I could try buying it online as well, as there was this joker retailing at $75.50 a pop. Monetary woes, I hate this.

I recall this quote from a book, “if something’s broken, throw it away”. How true, maybe Bata should add this tagline under their signboards. You know those cheap Bata shoes that never seem to outlast a year of school life? Yeah, so buy and throw away would be good.

Cheering IC. Lol so I got assigned this post. Making up cheers for next year’s cheering competition. I wonder how I’m going to be able to find the inspiration to even produce one, yet alone five. After all, I haven’t exactly been cheery lately. It’s been more of a cross between depression and sheer reluctantness, if you get what I mean.

Maybe this would be a good time to take a break from blogging. I’d hate to shove posts of such crappy quality in your faces every time. I’ll decide another day.

When love goes away too quickly, it’s like a tornado

You should be listening to the song I embedded now, enjoy.


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