What a day

So much to say, where to begin?

First off, there was this dialogue session with the principal herself. The strange this is, seats to this once in a lifetime event were reserved only for the supposedly worst class in the cohort and the worst special stream class. As expected, we were hit with the constant barrage of how our PSLE T-score should serve as a guide as to our L1R5 score. Recent tests have shown that this is an inaccurate way of deriving L1R5 scores.

Example A has a T-score of 255, and yet got 36 for his L1R5. The desired result would be a 10, since he is in the special stream. 10. Very nice one, that’s the average for a triple science class WITH PRC scholars in it and we’re supposed to hit that target? A little far off, don’t you think?

The talk dragged on to 930 or so. After that was the enterprise fair. Loo scammed Jem’s and my money. They were sold out of lark cheongs so he gave us donuts with chocolate toppings-.-“. To be fair, the Milo truck was probably the best booth in the whole bonanza. Free flow of chilled Milo, what more can a guy ask for? I got a little bored with the fair after a while though. Went to 3D to play Yugioh and the works.

“I believe in the heart of the cards!”

A classic stitch-inducer, that is.

There was a buffet lunch at Han River, fully subsidised by the officers. Of course I went. Only a fool would turn down a free lunch you know. The various barbequed meat were decidedly good in terms of overall texture and flavour, though goodness knows how many cancer-causing charred chunks of animal flesh were being consumed.

Went to play badminton after that. A bad idea, that was. The Tampines courts were fully booked, and so were the Pasir Ris ones. Took the bus down to the court at Mingjun’s house and what the hell there were malays playing Sepak Takraw there. You know, kicking the coconut-fibered ball around. Ended up in some indoor complex, and that’s the worst place to play badminton. The shuttlecock turns invisible, the wind causes the shuttle to boomerang snake all over the place, and random shouting of names that are related to certain people seems to overwhelm the opposition. It was quite fun though.

I’m rather happy now, to be honest. My L1R5 squeezed in under 20. 18, to be exact. Yes, that age when we future leaders of Singapore can watch films that provide a more artistic view of life’s issues. I saw Wymer with a 9, 3 blokes in 3J with 6, and our resident Wanker with 36. That’s 6 times of 6, 4 times of 9, and 2 times of 18. Now, can you somehow re-arrange the figures to form the number 23? Notice how I’m playing with your mind here. It’s called mind games, to be exact. Oh wait I think I just found the number 23. It’s on my computer screen, because I just drew it out with Paint. Someone turn the danged thing off before it places some curse on me! Pull the plug, you money grubbers at PUB!


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