A Tale of Two Reviews- Corner with Love & Manhunt 2

That’s a hazardously long title. In fact, it’s probably the longest title I’ve ever chosen for a blog post. It’s times like this where the “milestones” label comes into play. There’ll probably be some snippets of holiday life added into the mix, and random musings which are produced every second from the omnipotent lump of static electricity. I see a long post on the horizon, or maybe not.

Romantic Princess’s latest episodes have proved ineffective in quelling my constant need for good pictures. Whatever genre they may be, videos and shows have been a blessing to mankind since they were brought into the lush greenery of the Earth. You want to know the reasons for me getting bored of the show? Well, I’ll list some that come into mind right away.

1) There are 4 male leads, as opposed to 1 female lead. This shows that unless you have drank too much soya bean milk and have obtained genetically altered hormones as a result, you would only have one-fifth of the actual enjoyment you could derive from viewing this love drama. Those of the gender symbol of the circle and the cross would be able to enjoy four-fifths of the show. That’s much more than I could bear with, so I dropped it.

2) Lack of english subbers. As you may already know, my command of the chinese language is atrocious. I don’t really understand what the characters are saying sometimes, and am forced to tap into the literary abilities of Miloland in order to keep up. I should get some Chinese bridging, I should. Too bad, I evaded it with a 56, one mark above the cut-off point.

Being a fervent fan of Angela Chang, I might consider revisiting this serial in the near future. That’s pretty far away, since for now, another Taiwanese drama is at the top of my list.


Corner With Love

It’s a production starring Luo Zhi Xiang and Barbie Hsu. Luo is the guy who gave us hits like Jing Wu Men and Xing Fu Lie Ren. Wait a minute, were those hits, or flops?
Well anyway, he did provide us with some tracks which sound pleasing to the ear at the first spin but not so thereafter. You get the idea. Hsu is the girl from Meteor Garden, Shancai. I have no info on her since I have not watched that many of her movies or productions, but I’m guessing she’s some sort of B-grade artiste. Who’s A-grade then, you might ask. Well, to cite an example, I’d say Lin Chi Ling. Google her up. You won’t regret it.

It seems decent at first glance. Not Chi Ling, the show! Luo plays an oyster omelette prodigy, whose omelettes seem to induce favourable reactions from customers. It’s nice to find out that a singer who produces corny music videos can actually come up with some sub-par fare. Okay, and Hsu plays this rich, but not overwhelmingly rich as portrayed in some dramas to the point of impossibility. Her choice of transport is a Mercedes S-Class, which is quite acceptable by today’s standards of top-tier folks. Angela Chang in Romantic Princess gets this vintage limousine which probably costs more than the Istana. Hsu initially meets Luo when the latter is out on a delivery, and Luo’s bike crashed into the Mercedes it had come to a sudden stop right in his path of travel. The two feud, but it is only at a later stage when they actually get to know each other, and that’s at the oyster omelette restaurant. Hsu’s character has to learn to prepare Taiwanese fare for her prospective in-laws, and since Luo is so imba at making omelettes, she is bo bian but to seek tutelage under him. Luo gives the game away barely thirty minutes into the show by looking embarrassed when he is forced to manage her hair so as not to let it get in her way when she was frying omelettes. After that… well I’m not sure. I stopped watching there. I’ll post another update as soon as I complete a few more episodes.

Now, I promised two reviews. Well, here’s the second.

I’m sure many of you have heard about this game from Rockstar being banned in several countries. Those who are on the PSP scene 24/7 should be well-updated on this. No, it’s not the new Grand Theft Auto with the Hot Coffee mod which allows gamers to view explicit scenes packed with sexual innuendoes. I’m talking about the controversial Manhunt 2, which was released a few days ago with much apprehension from the ERSB, the universal game rating organisation. Manhunt 2 is not about the search for America’s Next Top Male Model by the way, it’s about an elimination of certain botched human test subjects. According to reports, the first edition of Manhunt 2 was so violent it forbade anyone other than fully-fledged adults to play it. In Singapore terms, that means zilch since we folks can just download it off the Internet. However, Rockstar came up with a follow-up patch which bleached all colour off the assassination scenes. Think of it as a black-and-white version of Saw. Doesn’t sound very impressive now, does it? I heard that there is a way to get the original colours back on your PSP screen though, through the use of a hack or two. I just got the game from Games Torrents yesterday, all 1.2GB of it, and after uploading it to my PSP, I was all set and ready to go. Booting it up, I witnessed some of the macabre that called for the harsh rating in the first place. In the fourth stage of the game, the player is presented with a situation that allows him(or her) to shove the enemy soldier’s head into two of those giant rollers that are used to flatten roads. Imagine the head going squish. IN COLOUR. That’d be really disgusting, thus the censoring. The game provides a good air of suspense around every corner, and while Corner with Love presents happiness around every corner, you’ll only find people out to kill you in Manhunt 2. It’s a dog eat dog world indeed- kill, or be killed. I like the overall game interface, which is very reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s very simple in essence- get anybody in your sights with whatever weapon you have. Your tools range from an axe which allows you to behead your victims, or a shotgun which totally pwns your captors in one shot. Try it, you won’t regret it. If you don’t already have a PSP, well what are you waiting for? Make a trip into town and get one today! I’d recommend the black, as always. The white sucks because it yellows over time, the pink is just too prissy and bright, and the various shades of blues aren’t very impressive either. It’s times like this when we should just stick to the original monochrome colours, don’t you think? It won’t hurt your pocket too much either. A PSP Slim from Funz Square, where I picked up mine, costs just $260. It already comes with the latest modded firmware, so you can get your ahem games into there right away. Well, maybe not. You’ll need a memory stick too. That can be bought off online retailers or middlemen for about $70-$75 a stick. That means, even with a case and the screen protector, you’d be paying $360 at most. A modest price, and think of all the things you can do with it! Enjoy your favourite music, videos, pictures, websites and games all on one portable device!

Right now though, scratch the 4GB memory stick for me. I’m saving up my allowance to get a new mouse. I’ve said this countless time, and I’ll say it once more. My Diamondback is dying. One hundred percent geegeefied. I like the Deathadder. The mouse profile is sleek, and it doesn’t come with fancy blinking blue beng lights like the Diamondback, which is another plus. I considered getting the 4000dpi model, but that’d blow my budget to the next dimension, so I’ll probably be keeping away from that territory for now.

That ends today’s post. The next one’s going to be ready in three or four days, when the new Fish Leong album gets out. I’ll purchase a copy of it, since I kinda like her music, and post yet another review on it here. Until then, get your fix at Youtube. Corner with Love ftw!


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