Madame Mundane

If I’m not wrong, this is the 165th post. I will be preparing something special for the 200th post, don’t worry.

There’s nothing much to talk about, so I shall relate a game of Dota yesterday night. 4 members of Clan Bdr played with mingjun and friends. Some smalluncle joined also. At first, they were deceived into thinking Bdr meant “Buy Divine Rapier”, but you should know what happens later.

At first, Spectre was feeding badly. Very badly. Then bentan’s bro bangla jr. zhnged the spectre, and spectre was dominating. Then mega kill. Then spectre went for a backdoor, and with bentan backdooring as well the game ended swiftly.

Another thing that happened today was Sitex 2007. Let me tell you, it sucks. It’s packed with not people wanting to see the exhibitions but loads of student jobbers trying to chiong pocket money for the holidays. Where’s the groundbreaking technology? I only saw cheap deals of laptops and desktops and whatnots there. The
standards of Sitex have plunged. To think it was only last year where I saw the world’s first blu-ray drive in Sitex..



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