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Review – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

I have been playing some Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on the DS lately. I just finished Trials and Tribulations today, and am on the last case of Justice for All, which I hope to be able to complete by tonight, accompanied with some cluck cluck turkey ftw.

“Hold it! I gonna zap you with some Finger of Death/Dagon!!!”

Box art for Justice for All.

The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series is IMO the best role-play/adventure/storyline game for the DS right now. The plot is solid, though you can spot some spelling and grammar mistakes due to poor Japanese-to-English translation which might be disconcerting to some. Graphics are sub-par, which is expected from a DS game. The soundtrack in MIDI format is surprisingly good, but the voice acting could be improved on, since the only things you’re going to hear are “Hold it”, “Objection” and “Take that”. The main thing about this game is that you’ll need a certain degree of patience to last through the long conversations. Don’t worry about the cases, they’re easy if you’ve been following the story attentively. Download the three games in the series from nds-roms if you haven’t already. For those who don’t have a DS, you can try playing on the computer with a DS emulator, though you won’t get the same element of fun from juking it out on a portable handheld.

On a sidenote, Santatechies is a good IGN, if you ever need one.


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Merry Christmas Fools

Ho ho ho and a merry fool’s year.

Santa’s coming to peep through windows and invade the privacy of youths all around the world by sliding through the chimney holes! Oh neos! Beware the wtfbbqpwnzor reindeer and their wtfbbqpwnzor razor sharp horns that can potentially pokey you ftw.

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Sharity Gift Box – The Prequel

Tch. Nah.

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Today sucked.

I went down to Sim Lim Square to pick up the DS, after purchasing the R4 at a damn good price of $47 from a middleman. It came with a 1GB card, which saves me about 19 bucks. Okay, at first I thought that Sim Lim sold NDS Lite consoles for $180. The horrific truth is that you’d have to buy a truckload of accessories before the cutthroat shopkeepers would allow you to purchase this dirt-cheap set. Probably the biggest scam ever. Word of advice, never trust oily-haired bengs in striped polo tees.

Not to be deterred from a cheap DS Lite, I visited more shops in Sim Lim Square. On the second floor, I got an offer of $180(again) for an export set DS. This refers to a DS that has been imported from other countries. I read on the Hardware Zone forums that shops are not allowed to charge GST for such products. Okay, when I told the guy to get me a set, he informed me that there would be an additional charge of 20% GST on top of the quoted price, which comes to a grand total of $216. That’s not really cheap anymore, since Playboxx sells DS Lites at $219, and they have a much cleaner reputation than the shops at Sim Lim Square. I then left the damn place.

*Never buy Nintendo DS at Sim Lim Square*

Walked to the nearby Qisahn to purchase the crystal case and the screen protector. They cost $14 altogether, which is rather cheap. Unfortunately, this joyful pricing doesn’t extend to their Nintendo DS Lites, which were retailing at $229 a set. Good service though.

Took the MRT to Eastpoint, and made my way to World of JJ. I was shown this crappy second-hand set with stains coated everywhere, and had scratches literally masking the screen. It cost $178. I couldn’t buy that junk, not when Ho and Mj paid the same price for much better sets. I asked for a set in better condition. Okay, he took out some black DS Lites, which had price tags of $190 on them. These sets also had hairline scratches on them, which is absurd considering I can get a new set for just $29 dollars more. Left the shop feeling pissed off.

Okay, so now I have the R4 flash cart, a crystal case and a screen protector. The irony of it all is that there’s no goddamn DS to use them on. Bummer. I shall get it another day perhaps.

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Writing Style Number 100363

I wanted to try this for a very long time, but didn’t have the sufficient, shall I say, skills to do it. Well, I’m bored and unoccupied now so I’m going to try it out for once.

few months ago..
i spill milo on my keyboard…
my keyboard is not the spill resistant one..
so i cry and cry and cry cos my comp spoil..
haiz so sad…

i like walking in the rain..
cos nobody can see my tears..
my wallet pokai liao how sad..

i cant let go of you..
i think of you everyday..
but what have you done..
now i wasted all my thoughts for nothing…
sobs..why macdonald no sell shaker fries liao???

i suck..
i can’t do anything right..
i did the wrong stuff and now i lost you..
i shouldn’t have left you my cute pikachu stuff toy out in the rain..

when i walked past you…
you said i love you..
haha so cute..
the stuff toy from minitoons that one you press it will make noise..

what have i done wrong..
did i not give you enough..
i feel so sad now..
my milo never put enough powder taste very dilute..

i every night also sleep in the dark..
i try to sleep but i can’t..
my mind is occupied by thoughts of you..
ahh my wonderful ds lite…

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