Today sucked.

I went down to Sim Lim Square to pick up the DS, after purchasing the R4 at a damn good price of $47 from a middleman. It came with a 1GB card, which saves me about 19 bucks. Okay, at first I thought that Sim Lim sold NDS Lite consoles for $180. The horrific truth is that you’d have to buy a truckload of accessories before the cutthroat shopkeepers would allow you to purchase this dirt-cheap set. Probably the biggest scam ever. Word of advice, never trust oily-haired bengs in striped polo tees.

Not to be deterred from a cheap DS Lite, I visited more shops in Sim Lim Square. On the second floor, I got an offer of $180(again) for an export set DS. This refers to a DS that has been imported from other countries. I read on the Hardware Zone forums that shops are not allowed to charge GST for such products. Okay, when I told the guy to get me a set, he informed me that there would be an additional charge of 20% GST on top of the quoted price, which comes to a grand total of $216. That’s not really cheap anymore, since Playboxx sells DS Lites at $219, and they have a much cleaner reputation than the shops at Sim Lim Square. I then left the damn place.

*Never buy Nintendo DS at Sim Lim Square*

Walked to the nearby Qisahn to purchase the crystal case and the screen protector. They cost $14 altogether, which is rather cheap. Unfortunately, this joyful pricing doesn’t extend to their Nintendo DS Lites, which were retailing at $229 a set. Good service though.

Took the MRT to Eastpoint, and made my way to World of JJ. I was shown this crappy second-hand set with stains coated everywhere, and had scratches literally masking the screen. It cost $178. I couldn’t buy that junk, not when Ho and Mj paid the same price for much better sets. I asked for a set in better condition. Okay, he took out some black DS Lites, which had price tags of $190 on them. These sets also had hairline scratches on them, which is absurd considering I can get a new set for just $29 dollars more. Left the shop feeling pissed off.

Okay, so now I have the R4 flash cart, a crystal case and a screen protector. The irony of it all is that there’s no goddamn DS to use them on. Bummer. I shall get it another day perhaps.


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