The Mystery of Traffic Lights and MRT Trains

Ignore the title which makes no sense, for I’m feeling rather lost now amidst stinky newspapers looking for articles to add in my Geography scrapbook. I learnt my lesson last year when I handed it up late and received 2 marks out of a possible 10. Oh well, just 7 more articles to go~

Anyway, I was watching some Channel 5 news the other day, and there was this report on people jumping down into the MRT tracks. I thought about it, and still haven’t figured out: why do people like the MRT tracks so much? Taking the hot climate into consideration, it is possible to deduct that there is a lack of swimming pools that cause this madness. Perhaps it is time to integrate swimming pools into our void decks? While I’m still on the topic of cold water, I noticed that the water cooler on the third floor doesn’t produce cold water. This is a breach of student rights! We have the right to chilled water, free of charge! BBQ, perhaps we should drink Milo instead. Milo is probably the best ever beverage conceived by the Nestle company. It is by far superior to the cheap imitations known as Ovaltine and Horlicks. Milo has been tested to be chock full of malty goodness to kickstart an otherwise dreary morning. Support Milo, buy the canned versions since DIY powdered Milo can never triumph over the original.

BBQ it’s late. Start studying for O Levels now! It is never too early!


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