An Attempt at Fine Speech and More

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I believe the hunk’s edition of Deal or No Deal on the heartlanders’ channel also known as Channel 5. A tragedy happened on the show today, if you don’t already know. The woman left the show with a check for $88,000. The thing is, if she had just waited a few minutes more, she would have been able to clinch the ultimate prize of $250,000. See, she had already chosen the divine case of rumbling. It’s just too bad that she was backdoored at the last minute and poof goes her money. Well, that’s just some Meepo Life.

It’s time to ask a rhetorical question. Are you noob? Actually, you don’t have to answer that because its a rhetorical question. Those who deem themselves capable of providing the answer to this age-old question will be mercilessly zapped.

Anyway, we were instructed to draft a speech for English lesson today, so the group I was in, which incidentally comprised of Noob Yc, some Yihan and the dude with the red curly hair Ronald. He has just launched a new product, by the way. It’s called the prosperity burger. Get yours today! Moving on. We somehow took it upon ourselves to put together a little kick in the head for the hierarchy of the school, though we doubt it will ever reach the dark recesses of the boardrooms they hold their meetings in. Nevertheless, we are undaunted and when there’s a will, there’s a way.

If memory serves true, the draft went something like this..

Maybe I’ll save it for the next post. The bed is calling.

Today, after the assembly ended, there was a hair check. I feel sad for Mervin. He had painstakingly had his hair cut at home, and look at what happened today. He got called up along with Edmund, Chia, Wey Jian, Willy and me. We had all won free haircuts in the lucky draw. I was planning to get my hair trimmed anyway, and the end result wasn’t that bad, so there’s four dollars saved. The problems were related to either the fringe, the sideburns or the back. If the hair in concern managed to pass through all three of the criterion unscathed, there would always be the classic “Oh, it’s too thick” waiting to catch them by surprise. PRC scholars were not spared from the ol’ purgatory either. The PRC scholar who has smashed all records for the highest shirt tuck-in level, possibly surpassing even the old Yao, was nabbed by the self-proclaimed mushroom man(the bald guy who was singing today). There were about 20 over guys there, and most of them had acceptable hair standards. Hell, even Matthew was there. There was a conversation between Matthew and the mushroom man, which deviated from the higher-up first telling Matty what needed to be cut.

Mushroom: “Your hair is long. You wanna be like Elvis Presley?”
Matty: “Who’s dat?”


Did some homework at the canteen with Lewly after assembly ended, while waiting for the chemistry remedial to begin. It was at 4D, so I located Lewly’s table(the one with YQ<3me on it) and began some renovation work. There were a pile of books stashed under his table, so I pulled them out and something caught my eye. It was the physics textbook. Coincidentally, it can also be used as a orthopaedic pillow. Anyway, the name written on it was not his at all, so we can infer that Lewly sneaked it away from some poor bugger. The miser has not changed its teeth.


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