The Search for Singapore’s Suzuka

It has been barely five hours since I’ve finished the manga series Suzuka, and the familiar manga hangover has hit me once again. It’s an affliction you receive after completing a manga series dear to you, and in this case there was lots of ecchi to keep me going. The plot was that of a simple teenage romance, culminating in the pregnancy of Suzuka and a marriage between two people barely out of their teens.

To curb this unhealthy hunger for more Suzuka, I have decided to start on another series. It’s titled Seikirei, and you can google it yourself if you really want to find out more about it.

Anyways, here’s the main point of this post. Milo Inc. is currently organising a contest to look for a Suzuka that exists in real life. Now, this candidate must possess all basic traits of the original Suzuka, whose picture is attached below.


1) All candidates must have shoulder-length hair. If the hair falls below the shoulders, it has to be trimmed or the candidate in question will automatically fail the examination.

2) Suzuka’s hair is blue. However, the conservative society of Singapore does not permit bright blue hair. Thus, we will also accept black hair, though blue is highly encouraged for that Suzuka look.

3) All candidates must be below the age of 18, and above the age of 16. Don’t ask the obvious. We can’t have old hags or young kids to replicate such a goddess.

4) All candidates should be between 35 to 45 kilograms in weight. Since Suzuka is an athlete, she exercises regularly and thus has a knockout figure.

5) Milo Inc. reserves the right to reject anybody deemed unsatisfactory. Appeals will not be entertained.

Those interested can come for a walk-in interview at the 4L classroom of Anglican High. Please bring along your NRIC for verification. Thank you.


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