Concert and Manga Weekend

Some Hot Gimmick.

Oh, I went to the band concert yesterday night. Before that, there was the issue of the Vivo City flag day. Reached Tanah Merah station at around 12, hell I figured I was going to be late since I left home at around 930 or so. Turns out that when it comes to BB, you can just set your watch 15 minutes late since late arrivals are very common. Took the train to Vivo and ate at the market. The bak chor mee was decent for $2.50 though. Then it was time for collections. 5 hours later, collections ended. Walked around Vivo a bit after that but didn’t buy anything since I’d rather save up for some Kinokuniya manga visits. Got a lift from Oi soon after. 3 noobs cramped into the back of a van with a cupboard equals squeezy. We were reading the Maxim magazine that we got from the jolly guys at the NTU event though, so it somewhat negated the cagey atmosphere.

The concert was good. The seats were not. Plastic seats are shit, especially the green ones. We went looking around at the intermission, and we found Haonan in a formal shirt and tie ensemble. So, an attempt to pull it off began. We also found Matthew.

Supper at 85 after that. Fried oysters and porridge. Oysters were a scam, with the majority comprising of fried starch bits. Yuck.

Rushed home for a shower, manga and rumble.

Still on manga so let’s end this here.


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