Dry Dreams

Hmm.. I had a dream yesterday. Actually I’m still pondering on whether to be direct in this post or to beat the bush with some metaphors. I’m thinking. So wait.

Ok, I have decided that it shall be a delectable combination of both. Without further ado, let’s begin.

After rumbling yesterday night on the ancient laptop which I want to trade-in for a new computer, I was beat. Eyelids drooping, with a hint of backache coming on. Fair enough, it seemed that my bedtime had arrived. The hour of truth that bears repugnance for a rumbler’s and ecchi fan’s soul. I cursed at the clock. “Damn you, clock.” Then, I proceeded to zap it with a level 3 Finger of Death(buffed with Agahnim), and it was reduced to a shadow of its former self. I made a mental note to buy one of those Sekirei clocks to replace this wasted one. Imagine you’re pressing the button to shut off the alarm just after waking up, but grope something else instead. Ohho.

The Chinese New Year Hongbao Collection is coming to a close, and the amount amassed has surpassed expectations, possibly due to the three or four marriages of which I have been uninformed of. No matter, as long as it spells more money for my personal spending. So, I hoarded an amount of roughly $200 this year. Now that I have the resources, I shall abuse them ala NKF’s Golden Tap saga, and add it to the Japan trip funds, a journey of ecchi proportions of which I shall be embarking on after we’re done with the O’Levels. The rough plan shall be to fly to Japan via Jetstar, put up in capsule hotels for 5 nights, and spend the daytime buying stuff that can’t be acquired in Singapore, as well as visiting the StudioSeven recording studio. The purpose? To get an autograph which I can auction off on EBay for a killer sum. The expenditure for this trip is tentatively set to SGD$1000, so I probably still have a long way to go.

Oh, and I caught CJ7 over the Chinese New Year break : on the small screen. To be exact, it was a 42-inch Samsung plasma at a relative’s house. I have no idea as to the identity of the relative in question, but who cares when there was a fat hongbao to be collected. I had some fun playing around with the swiveling base; it’s like the flap of your air-condtioner to be exact. Turns in a 225 degree arc without breaking, is that cool or what? Anyway, the show was.. okay it’s hard to describe. Just think of ET but without the plot, a senseless touch of Stephen Chow, and a cuter alien added to the mix. That’s CJ7. Seriously, I really thought it sucked. Fair enough, the puffy ball was cute, but is that all to it? The running time was rather short to say the least. If you want to know more, watch it for yourself. The miserly mood I’m in would like to see you waste your money on the show. Stick to kungfu shows man.

Oh. I dreamt that I was in this ecchi scene straight out of a manga. There was this apparition lying in the bathtub, clothed in a blue dress with a belt at the waist area. If I’m not mistaken, its supposed to be a popular fashion right now to wear dresses with belts. Probably. IMO, japanese school uniforms are still the way to go. Someone should import them and sell them off on a blogshop or something like that. Maybe it shall be me. Who knows? Back to the point. I’ve been seeing these outfits for countless times this CNY. In fact, I could throw a PSP into a crowd and the person who catches it would be wearing a dress accompanied with a belt. Not that I would do such a thing, the greedy bugger would probably make off with the PSP and hock it at Cash Converters. Those scourges. I once brought in a fully-working Pentium 3 in for cash converting and was offered $50. Right then, I felt like Jay Chou in Kung Fu Dunk : !@#$ed up.

Okay, let’s do a short section on today. PE was the same routine; stretching, and then games. I went back to class to study before the lesson ended. The geography test was alright. There was no need to spend so much time studying after all, since the content after page 28 was not even touched on at all. Chinese was really !@#$ed up, I read the passage again, albeit pathetically. Sometimes, I wonder why I’m even taking Higher Chinese when my command of it is so poor. I do okay in the written aspect, but verbally I’m like the worst in the level. Wait, maybe not, if you drag the other ethnic groups into the picture. Just 8 more months in this hellhole and I’m out. Good riddance to HCL.

Oh yeah. I bought the album from YUI yesterday. It cost $21.95 at HMV. That was a big fat scam for an album that has already been out since April of last year. Nevertheless, I rather like the songs in there, so the playlist shall be updated to match this current interest in Japanese music.

I’ve got a choice. To read ecchi or to watch Rosario+Vampire. I shall choose the latter. See ya.


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