This Makes it Three Posts Dedicated to Yui

I went to watch Juno today. Went to TM first at 3.30 or so to pick up the tickets, dressed in a comfy blue tee and black pants ensemble. The queue was very long, as if it were the queue to obtain tickets for YOG 2010. I was behind this couple who were displaying refined PDA, which made me feel fubar. Behind me was this bunch of bimbos talking so loudly I could hear them even with Rolling Star blasting from my earphones. This is ridiculous, I need noise insulation pronto. I decided to take my frustration of dropping a divine rapier in a pub game out on these suckers. Rummaging through my virtual memory banks, I realised that I had not collected my GV membership card. A plan began to take shape. After the affectionate couple had bought their tickets, I walked to the counter and asked for three tickets to Fool’s Gold. This was easy, since the show in question is rated PG. The cashier printed out the tickets, and asked for $28.50 in payment. Then, I told her that I also wanted three tickets for Juno. I had not expected the reaction I got. “You in JC right?”, mouthed the stupid cashier. I concurred weakly and she began printing yet another three tickets. Next, I requested for my membership card. How cute, it’s in the shape of a tub of popcorn. I could feel the negative aura of the bimbos behind me. It was obvious that their wrath had been incurred, and they were prepared to strike at full fury. I paid the money and left hastily, chuckling to myself for wasting approximately five minutes of their time.

I like Juno. Juno is about teenage pregnancy, as I’ve mentioned before. The actress, Ellen Page, is only 20 this year, looks like she has a bright future just waiting to be explored. Her diction was what one could expect of a standard American teenager, and she was quite pretty before the pregnancy occurred. The cinema was occupied by mainly couples in their 20s, and there was this couple sitting beside me. They were fondling so passionately that the woman’s bag was somehow shoved into my seat. I reached my hand into the bag, and discovered a long pointy device, perhaps a pregnancy test kit. However, upon further reflection, i realised that it could have well been just an ordinary pen. Damn, I must have been influenced by Juno. In the show, Juno is aged 16. That’s something like a Secondary 4 student getting pregnant, which is kind of rare in Singapore. It barely happens, like a meteor shower.

“I want an abortion”
“How old are you?”

The classic three liner from the movie. We’re done here.


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