Terrorism Reborn : Rise of the JI

Alleged JI leader escapes from jail

AN intense manhunt is under way today for the alleged leader of the Jemaah Islamiah militant network in Singapore following his escape from custody.

Mas Selamat bin Kastari, who was accused of planning to hijack a plane and crash it into Changi Airport in Singapore, escaped yesterday from the Whitley Road Detention Centre, the home affairs ministry said.

“We confirm that he has not been captured as yet,” a spokeswoman said. The ministry said Kastari walks with a limp and was not known to be armed.

The Straits Times reported that thousands of police were assigned to the manhunt but Home Affairs said it could not provide numbers.

Dozens of paramilitary Nepalese Gurkhas from a special Singapore Police contingent were deployed every few metres along roads surrounding the detention centre, near the upscale Raffles Town Club, late yesterday.

The Whitley Road facility holds prisoners detained by the Internal Security Department.

Despite its compact size and high population density, Singapore has thickly forested nature reserves and water catchment areas that can provide escape routes and hiding places for a fugitive.

The ministry announced in June 2006 that Kastari and four other JI members had been detained under the Internal Security Act, which allows for detention without trial.

Kastari was arrested by Indonesian authorities in East Java in January that year before being handed over to Singapore.

Authorities have blamed JI for a string of attacks across the region, including the 2002 bombings in the Indonesian resort island of Bali, which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Singapore, a staunch US ally, says it is a top target for extremists.

Officials have said extremists planned to attack a bus carrying Americans to a subway station in 2001, but authorities foiled that attack by arresting 15 people including members of JI.

A terrorist has escaped from jail, and the finger of death should be pointed at none another than the errant force that claims to police Singapore, keeping it safe from nutters who like to play with bombs. If you have read the article, there seems to be loopholes all over the thing. Let’s liken this JI leader to Saddam. Did Saddam escape? Did he manage to sneak out from a supposedly high-security dentention facility? No. He was killed viciously by white supremacists, an end he deserved for being bearded since all bearded people have evil intentions. Don’t believe me? Look at Osama and the Big Show.

Many eyebrows have been raised since the escape of the terrorist, and thus we have a few questions to ask. How did he do it? How did he even get the chance to be alone for even 5 seconds under police dentention? Was he allowed to visit the toilet without an escort? And even so, how did he run out of the facility without anyone’s notice? We suspect a conspiracy is at foot, and we intend to expose it at all costs. Starting from tomorrow, an anonymous task force will undertake the re-capturing of the JI man. It will become famous, and at the same time receive millions of dollars for its efforts in keeping the country safe. He can run, but he sure as hell can’t hide.


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