I was browsing through the virtual space that is perpetually clogged with porn and viruses, also known as the Internet, when I found this.

I like this poster, kudos to the artist. Speaking of artists, I have been practising the art of drawing manga. It all started when the low-class Pancake drew a picture of a naked figure on some table in the tutorial room. Of course, we all start as noobs, but I expect to see significant progress soon since my PSLE T-score is the pwnzor, thank you very much. The main issue I face when drawing these is these figures is getting rid of them after the job is done, since there is a 97% chance that some Secondary 1 student will come across these artpieces. Besides this, there’s also the problem of proportion. Most of the figures I draw look too short and improportionate or too tall and.. well, sharing characteristics with an airport runway. I made my first attempt at a clothed figure today, but it wasn’t very good as the clothes looked really ugly. I want to advance to the level of being able to draw people in costumes, like maids and nurses, but I’ve no idea how to get started. Maybe I should visit the library for some manga resources.

Oh, and I went to watch L Change the World just now. I saw a scene of a maid cafe in Japan during the show, and now I have this urge to get on the next Tiger Airways flight for Yui’s country. There’s such a cafe in Singapore too, but it probably sucks unless the waitresses have gone through plastic surgery or something like that to enlarge their eyes. By the way, I have something to tell you. Sky of Love releases on 6th March! Finally, something good. The lead actress is named Yui, but its another Yui, not the singer damn it. I hope it hasn’t been over-censored by the MDA, or I’d be really disappointed. It’s similar to Juno as they both have the exact same themes.

End of the post for today.


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