Yui’s Guide to Counter-Terrorism

In light of the recent spate of terrorist prison breaks, I have decided to write my first ever guide. To make things clear, this is my first of such work, so it might be patches here and there that need filling. Ok, ekuzou!

The basics of offence lie in a solid defence, and what better way to protect yourselves against terrorists than by getting to know them better? Terrorists are defined as extremist revolutionaries who kill indiscrimately, and are proficient in the use of firearms. We shall dwelve into the different aspects of terrorism in later posts, but for today our focus will be directed solely on weapons.

Melee Weapons
Terrorists prefer to fight from behind crates, picking off weak citizens with one-hit kills. However, reports have shown that they are deadly at close range too. It is rumoured that all terrorists are proficient in the art of Karathai, a fusion of both Karate and Muay Thai fighting styles. This makes it difficult to overpower them unless you are like He-Man and can summon the powers of Castle Greyskull to your aid. While dangerous, it is not neccessarily that significant of a threat.

Danger Level : 3/10

Suicide Bombers
The bread and butter of terrorism, and is mostly used in third-world countries for stealth operations. Effortlessly blending in with the public, a terrorist is able to pass off as a normal citizen. Then, when a button is pressed, he goes boom like a techies. It causes large area of effect damage when activated, at the cost of a human life. However, it may pose a threat as innocent civilians may be blown up in the course of the explosion.

Danger Level : 6.5/10

One of the trademark weapons of the terrorists, the C-4 is a tactical bomb that activates after its timer has run out. One pack of C-4 is normally sufficient to take down a four-storey building. Terrorists have been spotted using these to great effect in the PC shooter, Counter-strike. It can easily be disarmed by a defusal kit though.

Danger Level: 5/10

The ultimate weapon in the terrorists’ arsenal. It has been said that an Iraqi with an AK-47 has roughly the same destructive power as a big bang. This seems to be true, since the Iraqis are amazingly accurate with these guns. Boom, headshot!

Danger Level : 10/10

Part 2 coming out next week.


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