The Dawn of a New Era

I’m here. It feels like moving house, where all your personal belongings have been utterly displaced. Seeing as I’ll be needing some time to settle in, this should do it for the first post. The topic will be simple and straight to the point; I have a sudden urge to watch some late night wrestling already.

Now, I was faced with a plethora of choices once I quit that damned Blogger community. Among the packleaders were Livejournal, Googlepages, Xanga and of course, WordPress. When the options outnumber the need, you know it’s time for some elimination. The first one to get axed was Googlepages, as anything from Google is utter trash. GMail just doesn’t seem to cut it, and why should Googlepages be any different? The lack of customization also deterred me from subscribing to this blogging host.

Now, we have Livejournal. It looks acceptable, although I say this rather unwillingly. Why so? Just refer to a standard Livejournal blog and you’ll notice the mood thing there. Yeah, it’s even accompanied with a face, how intriguing. Obviously, Livejournal caters towards a female audience, and a quick check of my chest region revealed nothing that suggested the requirement for supports. just doesn’t have that ring to it, either. Three strikes, LJ’s out.

We’re left now with Xanga and WordPress. All I know about Xanga is that it’s this service that Americans adore. I don’t like that, since its a form of globalisation in itself. I detest globalisation, because I abhor the segment on it in our Geography textbook. Although I can ace your average Geography exam, the studying is somewhat of a bore, wading through the swamp of dry facts that never seem to enter the brainstream, ever.

WordPress remains. I spent 10mins or so setting this up, and it looks somewhat decent for a first attempt. Alright time for wrestling now, that’s all.


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