Let me help you fly, ’cause you won’t have time, To cover your eyes or get your disguise, They won’t ask you why, they’ll just watch you die, And it’s still so hard to be who you are, So you play this part and the show goes on, But you’ve come this far with a broken heart

You’ve come this far and you’re broken.

 Ok, so this song is somewhat good.It’s time to question myself. Am I managing my time  well? Somehow, I’m beginning to realise that life isn’t eternal. It flows in this c  chronological manner until we find ourselves lying face-up in a wooden box. In terms of  acadamics, I find myself able to cope, though studying before a test has become a given.  The fruits that I reap seem to somehow sastify me to a small extent; every A1 is like a  flicker of an orgasm coarsing through the body. Remember what I said in one of the  previous posts? A borderline pass equates to failure, and a low A1 should be considered  as the bare minimum. Of course, low A1s won’t be enough. They never will. Striving for  distinctions has become part and parcel of this rat race termed “Life”. We’re all like  these little avatars running around killing creeps and racking up gold, while leveling up  to master spells which enable us to own in tests. God is like the IceFrog, not that I fully  believe in the existence of a god. I’ve been somewhat skeptical for a while now. Who is  this god? He is rumoured to be omnipotent, and has the capability to fry our national  intelligence systems with a zap of a finger. This leads us to a particular paradox that I’m  particularly fond of.

 Can God create an object so heavy that even he can’t lift it?I wouldn’t say that I’m a hot-  blooded atheist yet. I still attend church on a weekly basis; the difference is that I don’t  lap up every word the preacher spits out any more. He speaks of God from a book that  has extended its reach to every nation on this planet, and has been proven to outsell even  Harry Potter and the Pussy Willows. It is a tome that I have taken little notice of lately,  seeing the busy schedule I have landed myself into. I haven’t really morphed into much of  a secret mugger, and I doubt that even “open mugger” can begin to describe me. I’m  stuck in between here and there. Wherever I turn, I see nothing but the desolate fog  smothering me. There is nary a source of hope, a beacon of light that eggs me on, and I  can’t help but wonder.. where this path will take me.

 I’ve already gotten my life’s route plotted out, that I have. First up will be admission into  a junior college. Possible choices are Raffles, Victoria and Temasek. Yes, you didn’t see  wrong, that is Raffles there. The reason for this being so is that I’m determined to enter  an Arts stream. The masses hold the Science stream in high esteem, but there will always  be a deviant here and there that will reject this stereotyped point of view. Of course, t  there are many that succumb to cognitive difference, but we are like the stalwart  desperadoes that seek greener pastures.From here on, it’s either NUS or SMU. I’ve used  abbreviations since I have no intention of spelling them out for your benefit. Yes, it’s a  cruel world out there, better get used to it at an earlier juncture than cry over split milk  later. I suppose NUS would be the better option, though it’s far. It’s located in Bukit  Timah, in fact. SMU would be more convenient for me to commute to, but I’m not buying  since it’s supposedly ranked lower than NUS in the tables. Now all that remains is the  course I’ll be undertaking. I was enlightened in the course of playing Phoenix Wright last  year, so it’ll be law. According to the information I got from the NUS website, it seems  that I’ll have to choose a specialised field of law. The freedom of choice doesn’t daunt me,  though, because the obvious answer is criminology. Why? I’ve always been intrigued by  these extremists, by how their minds tick, and studying them should prove no end of fun  and games.

 I’ll continue another day when I’ve got more time. For now, this is all. 


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  1. Seems like too many people are jumping on the wordpress bandwagons these days.

    And yes, law is a good course to take, that if is you don’t get killed.

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