Crisis : Core Geography Test

Woah, I’ve been playing Crisis Core for the past few days, reaching the stage of completion just yesterday. Upon hindsight, it’s a rather good game, possibly the best RPG released for the PSP system to date. The game follows the story of Zack Fair, rather than the more popular Cloud, and chronicles it into what seems to be a prelude to Final Fantasy 7. Now, Zack’s fighting skills are nowhere near Cloud’s (Zack’s Rush Assault, which seems to be his most damaging manouever, does peanuts when compared to Omnislash or even Climhazzard). Moreover, Zack only gets a weapon upgrade to the Buster Sword, which is overrated and cumbersome, not to mention ugly. Cloud’s Ultima Weapon just beats it into the Lifestream and beyond. Other than that, the voice acting feels shaky, with over-enthusiastic rants from Zack. Watch out for ayaka’s track, Why, being played at the end, though.

Besides this, I’ve been searching for a good set of headphones to no avail. I have a strong dislike for the in-ear varieties, and the oversized earphones are strictly out of bounds, particularly due to their poor portability. I’ve been looking at this great pair from Bang and Olufsen, but the price has denied me from owning one time and time again. It costs $199 US dollars, for your information, but it’s critically acclaimed. Sound quality is rumoured to be one of, if not the best, and it looks amazingly good. Can someone do the Jay Chou thing in Kung Fu Dunk and get the time back to the Chinese New Year period?

Lastly, I seem to have a problem with mints, especially Eclipse mints. These pills are like a drug; once you take one, it’s impossible to stop. I can finish 10 of these mints in a day, 15 if I’m emo after reading shoujo mangas or something like that. The point is, these mints are really dangerous. It retails at $2.95 for 50 pieces damn it. The bastards over at Wrigley must be counting cash like sheep by now.

I want to work, screw studying. Not with some stupid blue-collar job, mind you. I can envision this LLB degree encased in an ornate frame, hanging on the wall like a transient spectre overlooking all. Until then, it’s just the books.

Next would be…. ah. Patapon revisited. 


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