More Power! Medabots!

Hmm, we need more of these ageless opening themes.


Woah power, Loo drew for third place with some Asian kiddo. If you can see from the picture, the winner has a 3-dan belt. Damn it, I’m like 3 ranks lower. Seeing this picture really reminds me of my younger days, when I was enrolled in this Taekwondo academy. I sucked at the grading exams, since I tried to use grappling moves, which was in part due to my addiction to WWE at the time. Of course, the move that has the best damage per ease of use ratio, the DDT, was somewhat of a penultimate move for me. The standard Taekwondo moves only involved punching and a few styles of kicks, which enthralled me at first. However, they soon grow old, and I began trying DDTs out in the grading sessions. The first attempt was a terrible failure, I still remember it clearly. I had gone for a feint to his stomach region, which caused him to step back, his body arched in a posture just right for a DDT. I inched forward by two steps, and locked his head under my arm. Preparing to fall to the mat, I gulped and readied myself, only to be halted by the shrill whistle I knew too well as “failure”. That was the grading for the 1-dan belt, if I don’t recall wrongly. I stopped taking lessons after that, and began watching WWE for more pointers. Then, Mediacorp, being the bitch that it is, took all WWE shows off the primetime viewing belt, leaving me stranded for good. My days as a pugilist were over. I left, like a genius descending into the darkness, a child who had grown bored of a toy.

On a lighter note, I have mastered Crisis Core. After being killed by Sephiroth today, I went home and did some soul-searching, eventually deciding to fuse materias to form pwnage materias with which I could cream his ass with. Voila! I ended up with this Vital Slash materia, which deals criticals on each strike, albeit at the cost of a long casting time. Aided by this, I dished out critical after critical, and crushed him in a matter of seconds. Heh, looks like CC:FFVII has some replayability value after all.

Dota game against Interdiction later, better get some treats to munch on before it starts so the post ends here.


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