Of Spheres

I’d like to take some time off from ABS studies to pull off a quick post. Let’s get straight to the point in typical Wikipedia fashion.


The term breast refers to the upper ventral region of an animal’s torso, particularly that of mammals, including human beings. The breasts of a female mammal’s body contain themammary glands, which secrete milk used to feed infants. This article deals with the human breast; for other animals, see udder and mammary gland.Breasts are more visible on adult women, but male humans also have breasts which, although usually less prominent, are structurally identical (homologous) to the female, as they develop embryologically from the same tissues.

Now that we’ve got the gist of it, it’s time to look past the surface. They are termed by many different names, of which the most common are fun bags, jugs and racks. They are typically grouped in accordance to size, ranging from airport runways to torpedoes. They are also rumoured to be extremely sensitive, particularly at a certain point that lactates under certain circumstances.I would now take the liberty of introducing a song to distract you from any kinky fantasies that are on the verge of materialising. We do not encourage perverted thoughts here, so here’s a good way to pass the next four minutes.

I used to enjoy listening to this in my primary school days. Nostalgia weaves its ravelled thread yet again.

Let’s continue. If you’ve taken sufficient time to observe the subjects in question with a keen eye, you’d notice that there are some that are more prominent than others. The means employed to achieve these results can be classified into two categories : natural and artificial. The former involves the ingestion of large volumes of milk for a quick cup upgrade, and the latter demands.. well, a little more. Most people refer to this as bust enhancement, but I prefer to understand it as unhealthy insertion of silicone into natural flesh. They make the spheres feel unnatural, and the sensitive spots that are aroused when tickled tend to point upwards in cases of enhanced char siew paus, giving the game away on your wedding night.

We would like to dwelve into the world of lust for a while. Cup sizes of C and up are able to perform what we shall call “tofujobs” extremely well. Reports have shown that women with ample assets are rated higher in the pecking order when it comes to the choosing of a partner to exhibit your desires with.

End of Part 1


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    eh friend never link me! LOLS. and whats with discussing such a sensitive topic in this ‘decent’ sounding manner! ITS STILL THE SAME..

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