Choir Concert 2008 Review

Heck, let’s do it.

I must say, I expected a lot out of this concert, what with the invitation of students from various junior colleges and all. In that respect, I’d have to admit that I was rather disappointed.

First off was the choir performing its repertoire of songs. In fact, this was probably the best part of the concert in terms of sound. It might have been boring, but the melancholic belting of repeated choruses absolutely surpassed the High School Musical adaptation that followed. Overall impression was good, the conductor did his job, and voices sounded stable even at the more demanding verses. Nevertheless, I felt that the choir sounded a little… China. It was as if I were listening to a troupe of Chinamen singing. Upon hindsight, this could simply have been due to the boorish quality of their voices. Bass and soprano were more prominent throughout the show, possibly due to the low and high pitches respectively. 

The second part of the concert was the High School Musical carbon copy. Now, when I say carbon copy, I mean carbon copy. It was arguably a word-for-word adaptation of the Disney movie. That’s not to say that it wasn’t any good, though. The first song, Start of Something New, got the show off on the right foot. To be blunt, this was one of the only songs of which background music and choir were both clearly audible.

The next song, The Way You Do(or something to that effect), was terrible. Now, don’t be misled. Terrible here doesn’t refer to the abilities of either the singers or the band members, but the sheer dissonance produced from the meld of both sides. The band’s music, especially the drums, totally overshadowed the vocals. Of course, you could hear the singing at some points in time.. if you listened really closely. It sounded better when the male and female leads sang though, possibly due to the fact that the piano was the only instrument playing at the time.

Stick to the Status Quo, was possibly the worst song performed in the night. You couldn’t hear a peep from the choir, and to make matters a whole lot worse the damn drums drowned out the voices completely. Vocals sounded thin, and generally organisation could be improved on.

The solo from the female lead was alright. Somewhere along the lines of good effort, would take the words from my mouth perfectly. Now, the same issue remains. WHY THE HELL ARE THE VOCALS ALWAYS PARTIALLY INAUDIBLE WHEN THEY SHOULDN’T BE? This would have been good had the conference hall improved its long dated acoustics and sound system. Vocals were smooth throughout, with minor hiccups along the way in the form of thinning at higher notes.

Okay, Breaking Free now. It was roughly the same as Start of Something New, so revisit it for more details.

Lastly, I want to scold everyone in the hall at that time who requested for an encore after We’re All In This Together concluded. I can’t stress this enough : the overly loud music screwed everything up. The concert hall should really get professionals to plan for concise sound production. Audiophiles of the highest ability, no less. I’m not lying when I say that I couldn’t hear the vocals at all, I regret if you possess a differing opinion but that’s the truth. Come on, rent out the Esplanade for these high-profile concerts already. I wouldn’t mind paying more for a slice of greener pastures.

Overall, a good showing. Now for the ratings.

Enjoyment: 6.5/10

Performance: 7.5/10

Sound Quality: 5/10


Okay, that’s it, bye.



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