It works this way

Actually, I desire for you to click the “read more” link. Go on.

Wo yao show wo de neh neh

Instant gratification, no surgery required.

I was at, when an indescribable urge prompted me to click the “Xiaxue” link on my Safari browser. There was nothing of interest on her blog, other than the usual bimbotic posts. Apparently, she is now against Apple users, particularly those who own iPhones. See, the thing is she shouldn’t criticise an inanimate object. It’s just a phone, after all. This line of argument brings us to point accusatory fingers right back at her. Look at her, with dyed hair and excessive makeup. She resembles a third-rate Ayumi, the obvious fats now doing her any favours.

Steering away from this cavalier attitude, I must now point your attention to cars. Yes, automobiles. The new S2000 is out, and apparently they have this limited edition racetrack variant, which supposedly has punchier engines notes than that of the base model. If only the legal age for owning a drivers’ permit was shifted to sixteen, I’d drag Haonan to the Bank of Cheena and have him Henshin into a penknife masta, hacking away at the security forces, myself going for the motherload in the chaos. With 200 million Cheena dollars in tow, I’d get the S2000, and still have surplus left for buying over the school campus. I’ll have it torn down, and in it’s place will be the new Cheena museum, where we house interesting Cheena exhibits such as organisms that have BMIs of over 40, absolutely worthless Cheena artifacts and a rocketload of Cheena people whom we blast off into the atmosphere for robbing our men, kidnapping our children, and ravaging our women. When I pass by the streets of Geylang in a motor vehicle, I am pained, and saddened to see genetically superior Singaporean hoes forced to sell their body to the babaric Cheenaman all for the sake of money. My purchasing power might be low now, but it sure as hell won’t be in the future.

Watch out.


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