Flamed by a Twit

Hixx fwenz, euu s00x kawaiix neh!

Neh your ass, twit language is so utterly putrid that someone should organise this twit genocide in Singapore, right away.

hais… i got sae about the mediacorp competion rite ? ytd my team 9:30am reach sch . . 3 of us,including myself,is fo0ling around,except a Sec 3 guy.. doing research on CHENG YU,den hor .. 11:30am teacher cme liaos.. bring us for lunch..go white sand eat chicken rice :] after dat,take taxi go mediacorp.. get ready for everything..when entering my NRIC nuber.. they sae invalid nia! luckily they check and check,till hab..LOL.. den we go in,sit down at backstage,listen the dunnoe hu,,explaining the rules on the competiton .. around 3pm i think.. we go for rehearsal,,den i realise my classmate,Lester,is a reserve lai de =.= lester waste his $150 for this competion,or he wil go Genting liaos nia -,=,the teacher didin tell him he is a reserve.. so lester veri sad,,wanna change with mi,but i dunwan cos i wan join oso marhs~ den lestwr keep on beggin mi.. but i oso wan join marhs.. so ad for him sia.. feel sry. . 

rehersal dat time hor.. teacher sae must look at her sometimes lar.. so i look lar… she sae i blur =.= wth . .around 7pm.. we hab our dinner provided by mediacorp.. the rice cold liaos lors~ after dat, we revise for a little while,, den go PUT MAKE UP =.= after doing 10 mins of make up., THE COMPETION STRT! on the stage.. i saw my supporters and frens dere ,teachers too:] so hapiiiiii den gt 2 Q,my team ans wrongly.. but arouind the end of round 1,which is CHENG YU CAI MI,my teammate liu xing,manage to ans , and our team get 4 marks~.. i tell u wad,ANGICAN HIGH.. they suck man~ [ no offence] as hor, the rule of the game is,U NOE THE ANS.. DEN U PRESS THE BUTTON..AFTER PRESSING.. U HAB 10 SECONDS TO WRITE DOWN THE WORD.. but u noe wad they do ? WITHOUT KNOWING THE ANS..THE GO PRESS THE BUTTON.. DEN MAKE US OF THE 10SECONDS TO THINK OF THE ANS.. although they get correct.. but it’s above 10secs liaos..
so the HOST,Guo Liang,den no marks.. den one of the anglican high student sae : y no mark ? we get it correct sia! unfair! den Guo Liang told them dat they noe veri clear whether they noe the ans b4 the 10 secs anot.. den the angican high strt blame the writing board and pen got prob =.= wth nia.. Guo Liang den ask them : if u oredi noe the ans.. y must u look at the Q again.. u shld think of how to write the word ! Den anglican high knew dat everybody noe wad they ARE PLAYING.. but still continue to argue =.= wth nia.. lose den lose.. wrong den wrong la! den Guo Liang get pissed off by them.. he was damn freaking angry..after the 1st round.. oni 3 teams can go in 2nd round.. my sch was the 3rd team.. but same mark as the other 3 schools,so we nid to PK. the PK question hor.. actually my team can go in 2nd round de.. but COS OF MI LA.. UPON READING THE 1ST FEW WORDS.. I NOE THE ANS LIAOS.. BUT I DIDIN GO PRESS THE BUTTON.. LET THE OTHER SCH ANS NIA=,= I VERI STUPID RITE ? so we lose lors.. hais.. but the teacher still encourage us by telling us we are gaining experience :]so we den sit down at whr the supporters were sitting..nosily watching theother 3 aschools fighting.. its was veri exciting.. but of cos veri sad oso . . we didn win marhs~ the said oni 1 team can win =.= meanining 7 team nid out..
after the show ended.. i and my frens approach Guo Liang for his singature ,and we managed to take 2 pictures with him:d HeHe~ after dat.. go bus.. sit ar buss.. go home .. LOL.. frm this competion on wadso eva.. i learnt something lor.. aways be attentive ! LOL.. but i noe we must always work as a team 😀 SHI BAI NAI SHI CHENG GONG DE MAMA [mama] LOL .!

I feel that this really shows the incompetence of our school as a whole. Fancy being a school overly engrossed in Chinese culture, yet still producing students which are unable to chalk up a decisive victory over shit-ass neighbourhood schools like Loyang Secondary School. Seriously, what the fuck? I see delinquents from this crappy school occupying the void deck directly below my block as I return home after a long day of education. Some even smoke cigars, planting the seeds of cancerous organisms into their already inferior souls. These troubled kids mostly gather in groups, and consist mostly of Malays. That’s yet another indicator of the detrimental effect these lowlifes have on the future of the country, hampering development and raising havoc with their little shitty gangs. I see them selling pirated DVDs at the MRT stations, often swiping a few copies together with the pieces of ten dollar notes that flutter around in the chaos for my own enjoyment when the gahmen appointed noobnuggets in blue come along for a jolly little raid. Hah, take that shit-eaters.

Time for a quick comment on trends. Alright, I’m sick of this rollercoaster-style pursuit for something new and hip. A month ago, most of the male population in 4L got hooked on this lameass cube also known as the Rubik’s cube. Hey man, let me tell you something. The minute you pick up that darned cube is the minute you lose the battle against Rubik and his infernal cube. I mean, what’s the point of solving the cube again and again once you already have the general formula to solving it efficiently? I see idiots on the MRT swivelling away at the cubes, and I can’t help but laugh at them. Eat PSP dust, noobs.

We mainly PCC in class now, and I can’t suppress this gut feeling that this trend will turn into yet another full-blown addiction, slowly deteriorating into the depths of over-popularity. Hell, it’s just like with the iPod. Apple has never produced good-sounding music players to begin win, the only X-Factor seperating it from the other generic PMPs was it zen-like simplistic looks. Then, one day, Apple began recording huge increases in sales volume, and iPod fever had kicked off. Although rival companies Samsung and Sony have consistently churned out excellent sounding players, it was always Apple stealing their thunder with an inferior product packaged in gold wrapping. Take the iPod Touch for example. They make you pay a good five hundred for this shitty touch-screen player when you can get a Sony player with almost the exact same functions, plus better sound quality; which I feel is most crucial since these players were meant to produce sound to quench our needs anyway, for about half the price. In fact, the only product of Apple that garners praise is the Macbook. It’s sleek, sexy, and has this kickass OS which thrashes Vista, a shitty version of Windows that no one should ever touch. You even have people topping up on their computer purchases just to downgrade to XP. Imagine that. 

I’m suddenly bordering on Family Guy addiction again, get in on the craze at familyguyx.net now!




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