Woah, really wasted from the little soccer session just now. Look’s like there’s time for a quick post before the 4L inhouse begins.

Invisible Superman by Amber Guo


Amber is a new comer, 21 years old, still student (Taiwan National University), and she appeared in some MVs (Tank’s and Yanzi’s). Her style could be compared to Angela Zhang for the voice with a similar tone, and as powerful, and to F.I.R for the music, and some tracks remind me of Avril Lavigne… Her pop rock is like a breath of fresh air, especially if you’re sick of ballads. She is also good at conveying feelings through her voice, whether it’s a sad or happy one.

If you’re tired of music composed on synthesizers, you’ll love the drums, piano and of course electric guitar of this album.

01. I Remember
This 1st track is also the most moving of the album, I’d even say it’s perfect. Amber sings in English with a soft yet modulated voice, and with a slight Chinese accent that makes it even more irresistible. I just discovered that she composed and wrote it herself, impressive.
Appeasing, it puts you into trance, smoothes your feelings, without being depressing.

02. I Need You
After a ballad, Amber reveals her rock side. I Need You is written in Chinese, as the rest of the album. Maybe it has something of F.I.R., in the dramatic side, though the overall feeling is still positive. Wonderful song, very sincere and deep, with only one drawback I my opinion, the repeat of “I Need You” in the chorus (sung twice) makes it a little too heavy, a 2nd verse in Chinese would have lightened it.

03. Shopping Tomorrow (Shopping Ming Tian)
The only song that I didn’t fall in love with!
It could be a good song on any other album, but here it sounds like a small unpolished emerald in a cup of perfect diamonds…
Anyway, it’s a Poppish and light hearted song, and you will see yourself nodding you head in rhythm!

04. Faster (Kuai Yi Dian)
That’s the one which reminded me of Avril Lavigne, maybe because of its boldness. In a way, it’s close to Shopping Tomorrow, but it has something more, it is much more powerful, rockier, louder… This one will make you jump, not only shake you head!
(It can also hurry you up when you’re late, give it a try!)

05. Invisible Superman (Yin Xing Chao Ren)
A little harder to “grasp”, this song a little less noticeable, but when you pay attention, it has a great music background (wonderful electric guitar), is well balanced: beautiful resuming after instrumentals, and good mix of soft stanzas with a powerful chorus. Here again Amber’s great voice does miracles, with great sharps.

06.Honestly Thinking About You (Cheng Shi De Xiang Ni)
This song seems as regular as clockwork (it does feel like a mechanism in its rhythm) but it is still touching and natural. As in Invisible Superman, Amber alternates soft and intense in a smooth way.

07. Qian Chuai De Bei Ying (The Shadow That Must Be Kicked)
Happy jumpy again, but unlike others, here the chorus is slower than the stanzas, and creates a break and slows down the song, lovely. Maybe Amber could have improved her pronunciation on this one though; it could have been lighter and a little less messy.

08. Wo De Wei Lai Shi (My Future Style)
I usually hate when children singing, but guess what, Amber managed to make me love this song! Ok it would still have been better without them, but this song is wonderful. Really rocky, nice beat, and lets Amber’s voice give its best, and sounds really close to Angela’s. You can feel her enjoying her song, and that’s something I really appreciate, and that you will notice in all of her songs.
The children only sing a little stanza, and all in all it creates a nice pause, and at the same time enables the song to take off for the final verses. This song also has a positive meaning, deciding for our own future.

09. Zou Lu Fei Xing (Walking Flying)
I’m a little disappointed by the beat here, too static and predictable, and also that the tone is a little too sharp for my liking (but Amber’s voice is totally up to it) still it is a good song.

10. Ai Qing Ding Ge (Love Standard)
The last track always comes too fast on good albums, but at least this one leaves the best good impression possible.
Soft and quiet beginning, and a wonderful chorus, fast, where Amber’s voice has something of a music instrument itself, maybe a piano in its quick and sharp changes, though no piano could be that full of emotions. In a word: perfect

I hope you’ll all enjoy this album as much as I did, Amber is really worth it. Let yourself go with her voice, the great music, and embrace all those feelings.

–Taken from Chinesemusicblog–

I picked this album at HMV yesterday since Gramophone didn’t have it. $21.95, but it’s quite worth it. Very upbeat songs, and her voice really sounds like Angela Zhang’s.

Went to visit the Supreme Court today, holy mother of pearl it’s an amazing place. There’s like eight storeys of courtrooms, with a viewing gallery on the ninth floor providing a panaromic view of the Singapore cityscape. I went to use the toilet with Tiong Ho halfway through, and damn they were like brand new. Guess you have to keep the loos clean in case the judges drop their wigs into the toilet bowl. Even the security guards there could actually provide decent surveillance, since they were policemen with guns. That’s not saying much, since Mas Selamat managed to outwit them with toilet rolls. Even Buttocks was a little wary of them, seeing as he didn’t try to stab them with his CS knife. Samuel was being an ass on the bus, cutting off contact between two groups of people.

Rumble time.




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