My Friend

The birthday has come and gone, hard to imagine I’ve spent 16 years here already. I find birthdays to be rather of a joy, since there are presents to be had.

This year, I asked for a hongbao yet again. It’s much better having money, after all. I checked the total before heading down to Funan to do some shopping, and got a good four hundred or so in my pocket as I left home. The articles to be purchased included an external hard drive and the new Kenji Wu album. Of course, I had to commute over to City Hall first, but the lethargy of this trip was somehow eased by the luxury of having a music player.

The walk to Funan didn’t take that long, and before I knew it I was already browsing through the various hard drives on display. To be honest, I have and will always be a noob when it comes to such matters. Technical jargon don’t seem to mean shit to me.

Currently under maintainence


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