Gastric Pains and Menstrual Aches


I’m back from the hospital; apparently I’m suffering from gastric juice reflux and overproduction of stomach acids, which is supposed to be bad. Antacids and some weird-looking pills were prescribed, so it should be resolved before long. According to the doctor, I can’t drink carbonated drinks, coffee or tea anymore. Which sucks. Spicy food, smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited, but it doesn’t really matter since I don’t relish partaking in any of those. Lastly, no more mints, since that was what caused the reflux in the first place. It’ll be hard, this new diet, but something has to be done.

It appears Boon is trying to give pep talks to the weaker classes. The last resort will be Adam Khoo, and boy will that be fun. I’ve always been skeptical of such success coaches who earn money simply by spewing crap that makes stupid people feel enlightened. The omnipotent powers of Stewie shall dispose of this dreaded foe, recover from gastric aches and purchase Nissan GT-Rs to make the rest of the population feel deprived, all while scoring well for the incoming examinations. That will make Boon clam up once and for all, if the 4L populace who are supposed to be doing well but somehow aren’t actually put in some damned effort to study. If your grades have somehow improved, then good for you.

Time for some Iron Man now.


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