Road to Tanah Merah Kechil

Thus begins the first of a series. When you see the title beginning with “Road to..”, it means that the post concerned will be slightly more personal than normal. There will be wacky banter, and a hell lot of gruesome pain. That will be all.

About a year ago, I was what most people would term a “blogging noob”. I had just gotten into the business of keeping an online journal, and to make matters worse I started off on the wrong foot by producing stupid posts like China produces brash fools with brainwaves tuned to match that of the guy who delivers the paper to your doorstep every morning. They were very badly done in terms of sentence structure, and I must say I’m quite ashamed to even take a second look at them. I even used to have this L’amour style flowery theme that wasn’t quite there. That, was the primitive, and looking back, it appeard to be the blog of some hormone-deficient male.

Then, I stepped up the quality checks, and revamped the blog entirely, changing it to this plain blue theme with a DragonBall Z banner at the top. The posts steadily began to improve, but they were still a far cry from what I’d call coherent. It didn’t last for long, thankfully, and soon gave way to another skin. The white Lighthouse, if I’m not mistaken. Not much change, just some alteration in terms of aesthetics.

Then, I started listening to Yui, and copy-pasted an entire Yui blogskin onto my HTML script. Bad choice, it looked bad. What to do? Blame the lousy photoshoppers and their estrogenical treachery, perhaps.

The defining moment finally arrived- the switch to WordPress. I started off with yet another blue theme, which soon had to be trashed. The final product? This. I copped the banner from some obscure anime fansite, and my brainchild had at long last been completed.

With the acquiration of a good-looking blog that rests on an elevated plane, I am ready to criticise other blogs as I deem fit. A quick surf on my Safari browser with that brushed metal finish wrapping round the borders nicely soon produced the scapegoats. I am not at liberty to disclose the exact address of the blog that kept me laughing till I experienced painful stitches, since I do not sow discord; I bask in the midst of it. So, I shall be considerate and just give an abbreviation for it.

Seriously, this is way better than any sitcom. A ten-minute read of it will cause you to erupt in peals of uncontrollable laughter. The fact that the blog has been designed to look like an emo blog jus sweetens the deal. Hah!

Time for a sleep now, can’t ignore the gastric.


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