Okay so today after tuition I made my way down to the Singapore Expo, a shitty place that is poorly equipped for dealing with congested human traffic. Absence of carpeting, and narrow corridors reflect the new corporate trend of downsizing, but it’s rather fucked up when you have these small kids running around, eating their mee and hammering furiously away at their portable gaming devices. Their fucking parents don’t even make a damned effort to restrain the misdeeds of the little buggers. It’s times like these when you need the Babinator. It kills toddlers, and pigs effectively, leaving nothing behind but mere specks of dust. Smokin.

Anyway, I got into the Adidas warehouse sale, after being influenced by hear-say of decent looking apparel at rock-bottom prices. I made a round, and spotted some good buys, although my crappy budget prohibited me from buying anything more than a tee or two. Below are the steals that I unearthed.

Indoor soccer shoes – $29

Basketball sneakers emblazoned with the “NBA” logo – $69

NBA team tees – $9 to $19

I wanted to pick up a Bryant(24) or a Chris Paul(3) jersey, but there were none left on display. For that matter, were there any up for sale in the first place? Looks like I’ll have to save up some more and get it from the Adidas boutique. Employing the tactic of shopping therapy, I continued my rounds in search of killer bargains. There were these little pushcarts containing tees, bags, jackets and all that other stuff that you’d expect from a sporting goods company. After slight deliberation, I picked up a Lakers tee and this black tee with a 76ers print on the front, which coincidentally is also in black. Black on black, and we have ourselves a deal. I paid up at the cashier, $28 in all its glory. The Lakers tee cost just $9, which is reasonably priced since Ben Tan got his for $15 the day before. It’s always good to go on the last day for such warehouse clearances. There’s just this little paradox that kills the average Singaporean fucker.


  1. “Go on first day more stock, more freebies, more girls!”
  2. “Go on last day lower price, but no free show and free stuff! Maybe no stock also!”


There are clear disadvantages of going to exhibitions on their opening day. Huge masses of people and high prices lead the pack. Of course, you won’t be bothered by the stream of human traffic if you’re looking for a cheap thrill. Just remember to bring your camera, and please don’t get stupid and hide it in your NTUC basket. 

I passed by the food fair on the way out, and seriously what is up with that? It was far worse than any Sitex or Comex I’d ever been to; the area outside the hall reeked of oil and zealous sales personnel were screaming their fucking heads off like they’d just been shot in the balls by a pinpoint shot off Indiana Jones pistol. I figured most of the people in there would not spend a cent, instead choosing to pick off free samples like the cheapskates they are. You don’t just go into an exhibition hall and not buy anything, adding to the inhumanely dense mist of humans with the abilities of the relentless undead. That should be a sin. I’ll add it to the Ten Commandments when I have the time.

Van Helsing is on, go watch it! By the way, Lakers are up 2-0. Die Spurs, die.


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