The Chronicles of Neh Neh : Prologue

Going out to watch Narnia : Prince Caspian tomorrow, and that can only mean one thing.

Parody #2 FTW

Although I have been watching movies such as Indiana Jones as of late, it is these epic movies that are most enjoyable to take a crack at. Forbidden Kingdom, in itself, was just full of holes to poke into. Narnia should be no exception, and aided by a trusty beef bowl purchased at Yoshinoya and sneaked in under the hairy nostrils of the GV ticketing ushers, victory shall yet be mine.

If you’re by an chance heading down(or is it up) to school tomorrow, please feel free to pop into the 4L classroom for a quick look at the delocalised window pane located near the dustbin. Perhaps it shall be soon relocated to the whiteboard for want of a better view, which is always good.

Studying? Stop. Just stop. Start next week. Really. It’s not propaganda or psychological warfare, or even classroom politics. Or is it?


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