So I was watching Superband #2 the other day, and it was quite entertaining in a sense. There were a few bands I found to be quite good. Singers were all average, as could be expected from bands. San Yue and Soap stood out more, but groups like Pu Gong Ying and Yi Xuan Feng were disappointing. I liked how most of them chose to play ballads and regular pop music, not attempting to try anything funny on the first show. There was a surprising lack of enthusiasm for Mayday songs, which are supposed to sound better than anything your regular Taiwanese boyband can belt out. Boybands are lame, anyway, just four or five nuts singing together. It’s more of a gay sing-along session then a band, if you please.

Anyway, I saw the auditions of Superband 2, and there was like only one or two bands that performed a Mayday song. If I’m not wrong, Ting Bu Dao was one of them, but it was an epic fail. There were some bands that behaved so comically on stage that I thought they were playing bloopers or something, but then I realised that I was watching a variety show.

I went video searching for covers on YouTube after the show, and found this. It’s exponentially than what you’ll find on Superband, he should form a band and join next time or something.

Next week, you’ll get to see more bands. I personally think the female from Er Zuo Ju looks appealing, but such matters are subjective, anyway. I can already predict that C!Star will get eliminated, so if you’re betting on the elimination round you can probably throw a fifty or so on them. My predictions normally don’t go wrong, other than the time I thought the Lakers would win.

I’ve been analysing the true cause of defeat for the Lakers, and I’ve come out with a little something.

1st line – Kobe Bryant

2nd line – Odom, Gasol

3rd line – Vujacic

4th line – Fisher feeds ball, someone scores

5th line – Somehow the tank(Turiaf, I think) comes out and owns

Basically how this works is that the Lakers have 4 lines of safety to fall back on in case Kobe isn’t doing all that well. Somehow, something went wrong that night and they just toppled one after the other like dominoes. Celtics, however, have a larger safety ring.

1st line – Garnett/Pierce/Allen

2nd line – Garnett/Pierce/Allen

3rd line – Garnett/Pierce/Allen

4th line – Eddie House

5th line – Sam Cassell

6th line – Rondo goes Grand Theft Auto

7th line – Classic Leon Powe in Game 2

The first three lines of the Celtics are already occupied with talent; never will you see all three of them snoozing on the job. House and Cassell are solid shooters, unlike Vujacic who is more of an inconsistency. Like we saw in Game 6, Rondo can steal rather well. He’s supposed to be ranked like 60+ in the NBA Live 08 game, so what the fuck’s up with that? For comparison, even Vujacic outscores him with 71 or so. I would advise Buss on trading the even more inconsistent Odom for someone better, like Kirilenko or Artest. Good small forwards are quickly becoming something of a rarity in the NBA, though.

Just slacking off for a while, going back to Physics soon. Taxing, this is.



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5 responses to “Superband?

  1. chubbypuff

    Hahaha hey I think Janet’s pretty LOL.


    i totally loathe pu gong ying and i’m so glad that they got out. san yue’s vocalist isn’t that good afterall, she seems to be following amei’s strong vocal power style but she just sounds like she going to zaoxia or what. and i think tuzi’s drummer is pretty chio, and somehow i even feel that the drummer sings better than the vocalist. btw, want to form a band with us? i think jem is in and the band will be called band&jerries

  3. true..the jing wu men.. “i wanna kn..OW”
    lol see how la, find 2 more b singer, bass?

  4. ya janet look good, but i think they married alr……………………………..Z

    problem is, drummer can onli sing during the simple drum parts


    psps: haha i want to be vocalist woots lol! eh i can sing not bad one okay, got chance let you listen lol. yea we need bass players and stuff, furthermore jem plays the acoustic.

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