L1R5 woes

Bullshit L1R5, basically. Guess it’s time to on Bankai.

Got back some papers today, and I’d have to say I think I screwed up Physics and EMath rather badly. When the Physics scripts were being discussed with Hidayah, you could feel that she was somehow disappointed in our results. The tone was like a giveaway. I was pleasantly surprised with History though, and after a tally-up my Combined Humanities is probably the only A1 I’ll get in this Mid Year Exam.

Learning points? Better time management, I presume. I had planned to not touch the sciences and math, probably due to a slight err of over-confidence on my part. It’s like, I own at this, I don’t have to read it. Instead, more time was dedicated to humanities. Geography wasn’t particularly great; it signaled a drop from glory, the first Geography exam paper that’s below A2 since Secondary 2. I’m ending up the same as last year, generally faring better in humanities but sucking at math. Fuck, this is why I wanted to take an Arts course in JC anyway.

And, when Mohan tells you your average L1R5 is just 3 points behind that of 4K’s, you don’t just go around celebrating. It’s like telling you you just got Anwar-ed, with the legal charges.

I’m off to do some soul searching, probably while thinking up BARTOCKS’ amazing debut in Superband 3.

Toodles~, yea right fuck that.


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    what!! you are going to pangseh me to form bartocks for the next superband?! lol!

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