I am hungry

I should take some time to note the more memorable, or rather, blogging-friendly events of the past few days as I dig into the fried rice, seeking sustenance after even a large Yoshinoya bowl failed to quell my hunger.

So there was this Student Council inauguration ceremy the other day. No, it’s just an inauguration, don’t bother with “investiture” or whatever term that sounds top-tier on the literary scale. People actually like to speak or express themselves in a language that sounds Greek to the average Singaporean citizen, take the weird French(or is it German?) text that the student councillors especially like to plaster onto their ridiculously loud banners. After all, the main aim of such media is to communicate a message, and how the hell is your Singaporean idiot supposed to figure out what Gaan fok jouself implies? Hey wait, actually you CAN roughly decipher that foreign language, albeit with some effort.

I’m sidetracking. Anyway, the inauguration was truly a waste of time. I’m going to blast it here and now. The whole idea of walking onto the tables, attracting potential upskirts from the congregation was horrendous, and so was the Stomp performace, which sucked worse then a kid with diabetes sucking on a lollipop, which coincidentally, is the name of another shitass boyband. I mean, if the council preferred to carry this out at their own discretion, it’d be fine. But why does the rest of the school have to be present at another pointless assembly? The treatment that we received was horrible too, air-conditioners weren’t switched on until some of the more important guests arrived, and after the whole blasphemy of a day, some teacher who’s got an earwig eating out her brain wasted even more time in dismissing the students. I’m supposed to get a haircut soon, speaking of that.

Following the tedious school day, we rushed over to Baka’s house to play some solid Mahjong. I had to leave at 4.30, but I figured I did pretty well. I won three times, with a Ping Hu, a Hun Yi Se and an All Pong. Didn’t earn any money though, as I had not done well at the start. Baka’s house has a nice view of the surroundings; you can catch a glimpse of the school, some industrial park located near the school, St Anthony’s Canossian, even the airport. Wanker was something of a big loser, losing a dollar in no time and then again another in quick succession.

Math tuition was rather smooth. There was another teacher assigned to my class, and I’d say she was above average. Probably a 30-24-28 or somewhere along those lines. I deduced that she was still in JC and taking a part-time job, as she was wearing the VJC uniform whilst tutoring the noobs over there. There was this noob who needed help solving an indices question. I feel like a genius when I’m there, really.

We had PE on Thursday, and basketballing dominated most of our time. I managed to get some shots in here and there, and Buttocks went 0-for-6 from the 3 point line and 1-for-1 in the paint. His style of shooting is intriguing, it looks like he’s taking a throw-in in a soccer game. My team consisted of Wanker, Wey Jian, Midget and of course, the legendary Buttocks. I was slacking at the back, getting the ball upcourt and passing to Midget and Wanker for the inside shots, occasionally passing to Wey Jian when the other two were marked. I tried to avoid passing to Buttocks, instead dribbling in circles until one of the three got free. However, there were some instances where passing was inevitable, which led to a terribly botched shot. Some of those didn’t even reach the backboard. I somehow managed to get 2 mid-range jumpers in consecutively, followed by a post-up. I think we won at the end of the period, which was satisfying.

Finally, today. We had CIP for collecting newspapers at the Simei estate area, and it was rather fun tying the bundles of papers up and bringing them back to the starting point. After that, some of us proceeded to the nearby playground to make up for a deprived childhood. Buttocks instantly shone the spotlight on himself by proving to be a prodigy on the swings. We had a go at the merry-go-round after that. It was just this poignant sensation of reliving old times that I found to be pretty cool.

Somehow, we were psychoed into taking a class photo when we got back, which I found to be rather superlative. I don’t particularly delight in such trivial matters. Anyway, I loitered around the back with Samuel, so hopefully with the obstruction being him shielding me from view, I won’t be in the photo.

After the whole thing had ended, I headed down to Tampines Mall along with Baka and Yingzhi to slack around while waiting for the movie to start. Wandered around, looking for a place to sit before finally settling in at Starbucks. I whipped out the Physics specimen paper to kill some time, and after I had completed 26 questions or so, it was time. I went to Yoshinoya to get the Teriyaki Chicken bowl in a large size for the movie, which blew because the gravy just oozed out of the styrofoam and stained my hands when I tried to open the box up.

The show was rather alright, though it could have done with more focus on Xiao Qiao. I’d like something like Gong Li in Huang Jin Jia, that’d be great. When you have Kaneshiro and Tony Leung as your stars, you know that the movie is somehow going to be an epic one, whether you like it or not. I slept halfway during the movie, possibly due to the pleasant sensation I got after finishing the rice bowl. It could have been caused by the medication too.. Hmm.

Alright, time to sleep.


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