Hey, I’ve got something

I’ve been looking at photos of people from the church which I attend on a not-so-regular basis, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Christians are probably the most thick-skinned of all. I mean, just look at that camwhoring attempt as depicted above. At least pop a button or something, it just looks ridiculously plain and forgettable this way. Why’d anybody want to take a photo of themselves in the toilet, for that matter? You’re not providing free webcam service to perverse teens, nor do you look particularly redeeming with toilet cubicles as your backdrop. The toilet is a place where people like Haonan will probably be cleaning while serving their term of slavery in NS.

“Recruit Wang, knock it down. After that, clean the toilet. Finally, get out into the wilderness, dig up some shitholes, and get yourself comfortable.”

Alright, this is worse. You have a plain-looking girl on the left, a fail Show Luo in the middle, some obscure girl whose face is being obstructed because she’s a minor character in the chronicles of life from my perspective, and a ballsy chap making a face that you’ll never find on me even if you get me the spanking new Lamborghini LP-560. I realised that if you photoshop his hair off, you’ll get a rather comical result.

I’ll be continuing this analysis of photos in the next post. Meanwhile, I shall search peoples’ blogs for juicy material to work with. You might just be featured, you know.


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