The basketball match between our school and some other neighbourhood school today was quite interesting, save for the girls’ matches. For some reason, girls are unable to shoot efficiently, instead relying on lay-ups to score. In a sense, it was rather boring.

Superband 2 was on just now, and I LOLed when I heard the chorus of Synpathy’s Ai Qing San Shi Liu Ji. The bassist was like screaming his head off, which was terrible to say the least. I liked the singer initially when she sang Dao Dai a few weeks back, but tonight’s show was disastrous.

After the O Levels, I am going to get a job that pays $1000 in a month. I’m going to use the money to get a 8gb portable entertainment device as well as a new rig. For that, I’ll be going down to SLS to custom assemble my own set. Paired with a solid mouse and keyboard from the Microsoft range, gaming and even everyday internet surfing will be a blast.

Very unstructured post, perhaps I’ll have more content after tomorrow’s The Dark Knight.


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