Where did you land?

These Chink(or China Wind) songs have this really relaxing and easygoing feel; you might want to try a dose of some China Wind for your depressions and whatnot. Blending rap and traditional Chinese instruments together is like getting a communist into Singapore, but somehow it works well, unlike the example quoted, which is a fail.

I thought of going down to Bugis Street tomorrow after school to pick up a red tee for Friday’s ND celebration. I’m just not going to wear that spiral-shaped design that all of us got in primary school, which by now looks like bollocks. It looks like someone menstruated into the gravy that the canteen auntie from the so-called “Western eatery” at the canteen serves with the rice. However, it is comfortable, and I occasionally wear it at home for want of something simple. Besides, there’s this little ball of thread at the side that I fiddle with from time to time. It helps me to think. I hope to spend no more than ten dollars on the red shirt, however. That should be possible, considering that Bugis Street is like the SLS of apparel.

Anyway, we made up some songs about Kevin today. If you do not already know, Kevin finds the ending to the cheer abrupt, and is currently concocting some thingamagick that is going to somehow own. While Kevin is toiling away, we definitely have to honor his herorifics!

(PCK SARS rap)

Think you butt is big call 993

Kevin Cheng will come for free

To check you up at Buttocksland

Where they know about butts like Kevin knows pajamas


(We are Singapore)

This is my buttocks

This is my diapers

This is my Kevin brand bag

These are my Tom and Jerry boxers

TSH is my family

I am his friend

We are astroboys

Astroboys on a mountain


(Hossan Leong song)

Kevin nila utama

Play his barbie doll alamak

Play strip poker and pcc

Then wear scarf go China

Years later his descendant came

Kevin Cheng was his name

Wear tight pants very nice

He kena Anwar-rised

Kevin lives in Singapura

Washing softballs like Dang

Buttocks is his middle name

Hearing his Pokemon songs and singing along

Okay, that was fail.


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