Next 5 list of things you’d want for Prom Night

Getting ready for the big night when you finally get to bag a girl? You’ll definitely need to strut your best Bond schtick if female companionship is what you desire. The typical Singaporean would be faced with a dilemma as to what he’d want to aid him in his quest for the motherload. For that, you have to go high-profile. You can’t stick with the comfortable, household brand names like Toyota. That’s about as useful an a microwave oven, and could probably rival it in the excitability field. Instead of losing sleep over trifles, why not let self-satisfied professionals do the work for you? Today, we bring to you a compilation of the articles you’d require.

6. The transport

You’d want a stylish means of getting you to your desired venue, one that is zippy yet not too high on the decibels. Definitely, you can’t go with your WRX, because those are cheap and loud. They make you look like a Hamilton without the bling bling.

Nope, you don’t want to cruise to the hotel in anything resembling that, even if the destination is a substandard hotel. It’s like wearing a singlet for your trip to Tampines Mall.

Fret not; for those that care, there is always the Koenigsegg CCXR. This fine piece of automobile engineering will trump your run-of-the-mill Lamborghini any old day. Simply because those are generic supercars that most can identify with. So, you wouldn’t want one. See a GTR on the road? Floor the accelerator and deport that cheap attempt at a supercar back to suburban Tokyo.

This is the ultimate, the win. However, it lacks space for your other half. It is also unattainable; you won’t be able to flaunt this at your next Rally speech. Stick with the CCRX, or even the Chevrolet Camaro. It looks cool, and it transform into your personal Autobot at the touch of a button.

Transformers, more than meets the eye.

7. Date that quadruples the size of your ego

Okay, you need to have backup in the event that your gadgets and attire fail to impress even the most undesirable female in the room. At this point, you have sincerely failed. You then need to salvage the situation. By having hot stuff tagging along, you’re buying yourself a premium piece of insurance; even if you go unnoticed through the entire night, your date will soothe your bruised superiority complex by making you feel good. Besides, girls succumb easily to cognitive difference; one girl swoons over a Korean idol and the rest follow suit. There’s also the issue of jealousy and the spirit of competition. Hot girl accompanies guy, so the guy must be a top catch, see? You’d want Keeley Hazell tagging along; she is the hot. You don’t want Gong Li because she’s a MILF, and you don’t want Jessica Alba because she’s mainstream. End of discussion.

8. Kickass business phone that makes you look wealthy

You don’t want a damn iPhone. Those are for the people that join a queue just for the fact that it seems to stretch on further than the Great Wall of China. They are for the undecided. It has lost its exclusiveness, so we don’t want it. Instead, we opt for the HTC Touch Pro, a mobile that will bestow upon you the air of a businessman that trades by the million, and produces money like China churns out golds. With a slide-out QWERTY keypad, you can kick the ass of the people you see carrying iPhones, literally and well as figuratively.

9. Timeless timepiece

Every cool guy has to have one. Bond has one, so do Stark and Woods. Those are the legends. For the rest of us, we settle for the replicas. That certainly ain’t bad news. The Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA is what you want adorning your immaculate wrist. You don’t want Casio or Timex with those noobish digital displays, you want this. Just don’t get it stained.

10. Wallet that preferably contains a substantial amount of cash

If you’ve arrived at this point, you should shoot yourself in the balls if a sliver of a thought of bringing your canvas Converse along with the noisy Velcro strips creeps into your mind. You want class, and that’s where the leather Salvatore Ferragamo comes into play. The leather wrap wallet is the staple of the rich, the affluent, and the influential. When the females see you with one in hand, they know you mean business; they know you are loaded. This results in the win for you. Take the win, and check into the suite upstairs.

Unfortunately, this set-up will set you back by quite a bit, so I’d suggest saving up now.

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