The strange thing about Singaporeans is, you don’t want to be like them. You don’t want to push and hustle other fellow-sufferers while stuck in a congested area. It’s uncivil and monkey-like. But, after a while, you find that you have to follow suit. Either that, or you miss out on the good stuff.

COMEX 2008 was quite a fail, I must say. The walkways were too packed with people basking in the atmosphere, without the intention of actually picking something up. I went down with a friend, and we ended up looking for a portable hard drive for his primary school friend. After a good deal of circling the various booths, we chanced upon some Indian company that was selling storage peripherals and other computing hardware at very reasonable prices. The hard drive was had for $129, and I picked up a 2GB MicroSD card for my mobile at $8. I had initially planned on getting the Sony MP4 that was going at $199 for the 8GB model, but it didn’t come with Bluetooth; you’d have to top up an additional $100 for that feature. Basically, only the bogeh(no teeth) version was discounted, so I gave up on the idea. I mean, you would want a future-proof piece of technology, not something you’d have to dump six months down the road, which is what my current player is.

This time, the models were practically non-existent. I mean, you have the attractive saleswomen who are easy on the eye but can’t cut a deal to keep their iron rice bowls. I like that term. Iron rice bowls. Anyway, you have to know your stuff, because they on the contrary, don’t know their stuff. You have to do your research before purchasing a relatively expensive product from such an event, or you might wind up getting ripped off or obtaining an unsatisfactory product. Keeping this point in view, it might be beneficial for you to look for the geeks at the booth of your choice in future events; the probability of them being well-versed in the products that they are promoting is higher.

The Audio-Technica booth was quite the win. They had these sub-$500 headphones on display which produced unbiased, full sound. Those are what you want to listen to your music with. They look rather shitty, but generally the shittier it looks, the better it sounds. There were some phones that blocked out external noise rather effectively, so you might want to look into those bigass cans if the monkeys on the public transport are bothering you.

Life in Singapore is rather conflicted. You don’t want to buy a car; you’d have to pay for the import tax as well as the COE, which is honestly a bugbear. Despite this, you know it is your responsibility to pay for such surcharges. This would allow the government to upgrade the infrastructure, to create a Sepang circuit on the roads of Singapore. Of course, we should not forget about the gantries.

The city’s changing every day, saw a new gantry on the way

Those annoying structures that enable your in-vehicle unit to produce the beep every time you pass through should undergo a revamp. The Macintosh OS X boot up sound is much more pleasing on the ears.

Okay, so you purposefully avoid buying a car to evade the extra charges. Riding on public transport, however, will fuck you up very badly. Ever tried going to town during the peak period? You have these working class failures that draw a mediocre salary every month who don’t get the idea that the train is already full. To them, the carriage is like the vaginal cavity; it can be stretched. So, you have the people who reek of sweat and grease after a day’s work jostling you around. You don’t want that, unless the people in question are F1 grid girls. Adding cockles to the mee siam are the monkeys, who still persist in promoting R&B and mainstream English pop among their fellow commuters.

It’s too late to apologise

I gave up on such tunes a long time ago. I mean, the 2000-2004 period produced decent music. The American Idiot album is one of the better albums in my semi-vast collection. From 2005 onwards, you have the new faces like OneRepublic, Leona Lewis and the Jonas Brothers. What’s with them? I mean, I never really liked their music. Bleeding Love is overrated, in my opinion. They just cannot make it, alright? What you would want to listen to is alternative rock, and easy-on-the-ears Mandopop. Speaking of Mandopop, you would want to avoid bands like Lollipop; they are the fail.

Pong sai gao

Mahjong on Viwawa, anyone?



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3 responses to “Monkeys


    you should comment on how lousy superband is. c!star is in! the music industry is singapore is dying very soon. such low class performance and music is actually appreciated&liked? oh my goodness.

  2. WTF WHY CSTAR! OI SERIOUSLY I DUN WAN WATCH LIAO LA.THOUGHT YING WILL GET IT..okay if the other band that got in is not feizao, i rly will stop watching. dumb show


    that means you really not watching anymore since the other band who got in is WUGEREN.

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