When being an Aunty Lee just doesn’t pay the bills

“I also want to know who is sponsoring her trip to Beijing or did she pay for herself. If she is sponsored by the STTA, it is clearly a waste of taxpayer’s money. She was of no help and did nothing except to wave the Singapore flag like a crazy woman. Totally no class at all.”

“..the difference between aunty lee and diva ivy singh lim (former president of netball association)…the latter delivered and earned the right to be “loud”…sadly, the former is loud for all the wrong reasons…including her favorite “jum bun” anecdote. Even if you want to be an Empress Dowager…play your ball correctly!”

“Sometimes i find her talk without using her brains……on National TV, she talks about maybe she had to buy Olympic tickets from black market to support the table tennis team…….that is really very wrong of her….what message is she trying to send to the people ? No wonder Lee Jiawei and gang were looking as though they are simply bo chup on TV with her………”

“Please sack her………we want a gold in London Olympics 2012……..not her waving the Singapore flag like a mad woman on the stands……….”

“Oei, wo si enginner , zai bo. I deal with structures not human wat …so i din no what EQ mah. Structures no good, i take them down wat. So team manager no good, i sack lor.”

Looks like someone will get royally fucked up in the next GE. Say good-bye to the carrots.


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