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Hokkien Rock

Today, i will blog on two matters.

The first is with regards to my purchase of the newly-released Mayday album. You want to know what’s wrong with MayDay?


After giving it a spin on my dusty Sony Walkman CD player; one which I had bugged my parents for at an earlier point in life but had not found a definite need for later, I found the offering to be a pleasant one. True, you have those overly-peppy and noisy-to-a-certain-extent songs, but tracks like Tu Ran Hao Xiang Ni, Chut Tao Tee, Ni Bu Shi Zhen Zheng De Kuai Le, the vampire song and the one with the dicklong title were good. It was certainly a fresh breath of air from their previous rock ventures. I was suprisingly pleased with the package that the CD came in; it was well-made, and cleanly designed. $18.95 for this was a good investment in the name of music, and I’ll get it autographed, which will probably jack its value up somewhat.

I forgot what I was supposed to blog about, so it’s time for y’all to scram.


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Incoherent Musings

Today, my everyday routine which involves the plugging in of the CKM-50s on the journey home was thwarted.

My preferred transport, and thus, a peaceful ride home was interrupted today by a chat, if you’d call it that, on all matters ranging from the hotly-discussed Prom Night; which from my perspective is really no big deal at all, since we’re going to bid our last goodbye curses at the collection of the O’ Level results anyway, to differing tastes in music. Speaking of 21st January, that’s when I’ll lug my newly-shipped minigun to school, let off a load at the power generator situated besides the gate and cause a whoopass explosion for no reason whatsoever. Following that, I’ll get my out my boombox, put Jonas Brothers on repeat and proceed to fuck the eardrums of the student population up.

It doesn’t matter if you go down with the shitty music or not. The minigun takes care of the roaches.

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****able Tonight

It’s late in the evening

She’s wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her trousers

And brushes the c*m off her hair

And then she asks me

Do I look alright?

And I say no

You look horrible tonight

We go to an orgy

And everyone turns and screams

At this can be ****ed lady

Whose cleavage is spilling out on me

And then she asks me

Do you feel alright

And I say yes

I feel wonderful tonight

I feel like a king

Because I see the c*m glistening in your ****

And the wonder of it all

Is that you just don’t realise

That I’ve ****ed your sister too

It’s time to go **** now

And I’ve got an aching ****

So I give her the ****om

And she puts me on the bed

And then I **** her

As I turn out the lights

I say you ****ing *****, you look ****able tonight

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You are scurvacious fucks, rot like the accursed peasantfucks you are.

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You are scurvacious fucks, rot like the accursed peasantfucks you are.

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Subtlety Fail

Something not to do while on public transport.

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Where is my motivation?

Heroes. This term in particular fuels the imagination, churning up a plethora of figures that are all but familiar to each individual. These enigmas can generally be grouped into two vastly differing categories; those that exist as tangible forms and those that dwell only in parallel worlds. Although the two genres of heroes are like chalk and cheese, the fact of the matter remains that they have similar traits that each of us found endearing at any particular point of time. It is their drive to perform to the epitome of their abilities, the unwillingness to throw in the towel even when faced with the bleakest circumstances that we based our morals upon. It can be said that the most fervent worshippers attempt to emulate the legacy that their heroes left behind, even to the minutest detail.

I must admit that merely two standouts from the myriad of heroes have come off as impressionable to me, at least. One of them exists on a virtual plane; perhaps I may begin with this fictional character? It is known as “Kamen Rider”, which translates loosely to “Masked Rider” in the Queen’s English. This vigilante was featured originally in a Japanese television that spanned a remarkable ninety-eight episodes. Such was its popularity that it was even brought onto the silver screen in the visage of full-length movies. The titular character is a homosapien that employs the use of a mundane accessory, the belt, to transform into an armored alter-ego. The purpose? To fend off malicious threats to the Earth’s inhabitants, as in any typical superhero franchise.

There exists a multitude of such animated superheroes, leading one to wonder- why Kamen Rider? I suppose the clear reason would be that it was one of the first television programs introduced to me when I was still in the stage of early adolescence. Although it might strike us as immature when we see Kamen Rider on the television nowadays, possibly due to the change in our tastes in proportion to the progression of our lives; Kamen Rider was the undisputable definition of “epic” in the good days of old. Even today, the sight of Wushu practitioners flailing their tasteless swords conjured out of flimsy aluminum foil around is reminiscent of how Kamen Rider handled his cumbersome blade, if you could call it that. What actually captivates you in the series is not the lackadaisical fight sequences; those come across as stiff and unrealistic, with bright sparks whizzing about every instant of contact and blinking blue lights flashing as Kamen Rider invoked some glitzy gadgetry in an attempt to pimp his ride, or in colloquial Singaporean terms, “zhng his car”. It was more of watching the actors portray their characters, developing their emotions and bonds to respective characters as the story progressed. A rather heartwarming series, if I may say so. Kudos to the Land of the Rising Sun for coming up with a Japanese He-Man.

Of course, Kamen Rider is not the only entity that resembles a sliver of a hero. Any down-to-earth working class hero would be expected to consider a larger than life, modern-day mortal as a hero, for that is politically correct as well as socially acceptable. After all, you don’t just proclaim the one you look up to to be a fictional character as you climb the social ladder; it makes you look like an oxymoron, which is what you’ll be if couldn’t grow out of the diapers.

Therefore, let us settle on Barack Obama, the Democrat currently gunning for the top seat in the White House. Off the bat, let us note that this fellow is an African-American. This single fact would, with a high probability, draw a string of protests, most of which stating his incapability due to his racial backgrounds. In my opinion, that borders on the edge of shallowness. America’s voting for a President, a charismatic and competent leader, not a Prom King. His attempt to be the first black elected into Presidency is a bold move, one that demands nerves of steel which is crucial in warding off the naysayers and diehard racists. It is a boundary that most would not deign to traverse. Originally trailing behind the pack leader, Hilary Clinton, Obama eventually managed to garner sufficient votes to throw a spanner into Clinton’s campaign through his beguiling speeches. His own campaign is based on the concept of change, one that promises a restructured America. It is no surprise that many have accepted his ideals and given him their utmost support, for they are disgruntled with the ineptness of the incumbent President, George Bush. Evidence of this can be found even in the media, as seen punk rock band Green Day’s political bashing song, Holiday.

“Hear the dogs howling out of key, to a hymn called ‘Faith and Misery’. And bleed, the company lost the war today.”

The verses refer to Bush’s botching of the war in Iraq. This is basically saying that no matter what happens in this war with Iraq, America loses. Many people died and are still dying, both American and Iraqi. It’s saying that war is hell and regardless of the outcome, there is no winner. The main reason why Obama will triumph over the current adversary, McCain, is that McCain spells another four years of Bush. McCain promises change, but he probably won’t give it to you. All the more reason for Obama to clinch the title. After all, America needs a fresh start. Hero? Yes, without a doubt. Sieg Heil!

Sometimes, the deeds of various so-called heroes transcend what can be expressed on a sheet of paper. We have to experience their acts, whether beneficial or detrimental to a particular issue, in order to pass fair and unequivocal judgment as to whether he or she is deserving of the honorific.

Perhaps there is a hero in all of us. We just need to look.


The essay that I finally completed yesterday night. Before I go, here’s a picture.

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