Incoherent Musings

Today, my everyday routine which involves the plugging in of the CKM-50s on the journey home was thwarted.

My preferred transport, and thus, a peaceful ride home was interrupted today by a chat, if you’d call it that, on all matters ranging from the hotly-discussed Prom Night; which from my perspective is really no big deal at all, since we’re going to bid our last goodbye curses at the collection of the O’ Level results anyway, to differing tastes in music. Speaking of 21st January, that’s when I’ll lug my newly-shipped minigun to school, let off a load at the power generator situated besides the gate and cause a whoopass explosion for no reason whatsoever. Following that, I’ll get my out my boombox, put Jonas Brothers on repeat and proceed to fuck the eardrums of the student population up.

It doesn’t matter if you go down with the shitty music or not. The minigun takes care of the roaches.


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