Hokkien Rock

Today, i will blog on two matters.

The first is with regards to my purchase of the newly-released Mayday album. You want to know what’s wrong with MayDay?


After giving it a spin on my dusty Sony Walkman CD player; one which I had bugged my parents for at an earlier point in life but had not found a definite need for later, I found the offering to be a pleasant one. True, you have those overly-peppy and noisy-to-a-certain-extent songs, but tracks like Tu Ran Hao Xiang Ni, Chut Tao Tee, Ni Bu Shi Zhen Zheng De Kuai Le, the vampire song and the one with the dicklong title were good. It was certainly a fresh breath of air from their previous rock ventures. I was suprisingly pleased with the package that the CD came in; it was well-made, and cleanly designed. $18.95 for this was a good investment in the name of music, and I’ll get it autographed, which will probably jack its value up somewhat.

I forgot what I was supposed to blog about, so it’s time for y’all to scram.


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