After the overrated peasant party that is otherwise known as Prom Night, I’ll be busy.

Prom is on 26th, don’t correct me if I’m wrong. Work starts on 27th, and ends somewhere around a week before the results are out.

  1. Cowon D2 $300
  2. UE SuperFi.5 $250
  3. Asus NB $1699
  4. Treasure Chest $100

Where’s the Platinum when you need one?

I thought these 3 were some of the better songs from the album, though most of them were good. I’d recommend you to buy it if you still have your A1 money left.



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2 responses to “Capitalism


    goodness you actually recommend wuyuetian! i like tu ran hao xiang ni (track1)and ye fang xi xue gui(track9) alot alright.

  2. Going to prom in May

    I know that you have to order your dress way in advance if you have your heart set on one.

    so I started looking:

    I think i like this one

    what do you think


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