Peasant trying to mess around?

Some random dood with an e-mail address of dropped a ridiculously long dagger on the ACJC post, one which had its cover shut a long time ago.

Or so he thought.

The retort effectively conveyed nothing more than his peasant mentality and his willingness to employ violence(blanket parties, lulz) in order to put his points across. The rest of his stands were nonsense. I hereby dismiss this screwball as yet another conformist, a worthless wad of utter aimlessness that is satisfied with the current state of the world as it is today and believes that the government is out to make improvements to his already brilliant life.

I believe I know this dipshit; I have heard the name somewhere before. There is a high probability that he attends the same church as I do. Currently, I am in the process of verifying his identity. If all leads point to a perfect match, I would like to send sincere condolences to his family. I’ll take that bitchass Meridian JC peasantfuck and smash his balls with a sledgehammer.

Oh. If you’re reading this, here’s my adequate response.

Know your place, bottomdweller of the caste. You have been stratocasted from day one. It’s a pity this planet has to support the lives of scum like you. A wipeout might be in order. I’ll leave it pending for now.


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One response to “Peasant trying to mess around?

  1. Jonathan

    O.O, so much hate!

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