I cordially invite…

Actually, scratch that. I’d rather spend the hours in line alone, accompanied with music than allow anyone the opportunity to bear the responsibility as my personal source of consternation. I guess I’ll see what happens on the 28th.

I just got updated. The tickets to their January concert will only be available on a first-come-first-served basis. You know what that means. It means that some campers will get their balls stomped on, some 五月天 fans will meet untimely demises, and any oppugnance whatsoever that I encounter on that day will be suppressed. Put down and culled. I’m going to get that free ticket if it’s the last thing I do.

I mean, I paid $18.95 for the album, that’s the least I deserve. As an informed consumer, I will milk my purchase for all its worth. I’ve got to end off now, a trip to the neighbourhood Ammu-Nation is in order. I suggest you get out of my sights before I put a 9mm in your skulls.



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3 responses to “I cordially invite…


    the mayday concert will be held outdoors, so i heard from someone else that you can actually hear what they sing (although you can’t see them) even if you don’t have the tickets, just go near that stadium green or whatever, heck the tickets.


    sorry, and talking about first-come-first-served basis, do you know that they started exchanging tickets for students in polys? that’s so hell unfair.

  3. I intend to get some photos of them as well actually…

    Looks like its time to incognito some polys

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