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The recent paychecks have brought about a considerable influx of technology. Among the loot is the Cowon D2 that I collected from SingPost’s main branch at Paya Lebar two days ago, a Canon EOS 50D with a basic kit lens and a kickass pair of Ultimate Ears Superfi5 Pro earbuds. The Cowon basically zhngs my music up to another level of enjoyment, and the newly-purchased IEMs are pure aural orgasm.

I transferred most of the tracks that were in my old Samsung player over to the new kid, along with some stuff that I had wanted to listen to but sadly, did not find storage capacity for.

Stuff like:

  1. Perfect Symmetry by Keane. Officially the most lolcake album of the year with the defining song – Spiralling. Woo! Then you have the spoken word segment at the bridge. Nice enough to listen to for that funky feel though.
  2. A truckload of Mayday songs, ripped from anywhere from their maiden album to the latest one. Hokkien rock for the win.
  3. Other random one-shot songs that you buy the full albums for. All you actually need is a 320kbps rip. You might do well to consider the FLAC format, which is a lossless format for music. Unfortunately, that would result in an average 4 minute song taking up approximately 16MBs of space.

The D2 is a hot piece of tech. The screen, though small, displays images stored in the player’s flash memory very vividly. Videos work well too, but I wouldn’t recommend watching a full movie on the player. Touch interface is standard and subpar. I would liken it to using a LG Viewty.

The sound quality however, seals the deal without further questions asked. Running a 320kbps rip of Mayday’s 你不是真正的快乐 resulted in a very tonally rich opening. I used that track to test the mids and trebles, and they worked very well without those sharp pitches you sometimes hear when the vocalist attempts to hit a higher note.

I then used a high-quality version of Green Day’s Longview to test the bass out. Bass is there, just not overwhelmingly so. Which is just fine by me. Its bass response should be more than sufficient for die-hard haters of R&B. Wait, that’s me. The bass guitar opening was uber tight, and as the song progressed into its chorus there was very little distortion, unlike what I got from the Samsung. The D2’s built-in amplifier works amazingly well if you’re not planning on lugging an external amplifier around. It’s cool shit seriously. It comes with 8GB of flash memory with an option to increase the total memory by the use of SD cards, which integrate very nicely with the player’s onboard memory. Best of all? It cost just S$216. You can’t even get a noobshit Nano for that lulz.

The 50D is fun, perhaps too much so. It isn’t actually mine though. It’s more of a long term rental from the male parent. The equipment was acquired about 4 days ago from John 3:16 at Funan. I tell you, the staff there are provide perhaps some of the best service you’ll ever receive. Think of them as another Jaben, if you’d like. There is no pressure on you to purchase any of their products, and they seem like a nice bunch of people. There’s this community of photographers that spawned from their shop, and its members occasionally head back to HQ to render assistance to amateur photographers. Some of them are serious shit, while others are just weird. Weird as in..douchebag-like.

Anyway, I brought the 50D out to Orchard Road for a photo spree yesterday. The thing about DSLRs is, you can take pictures of completely random passerbys and they won’t think twice of the voyeurish act. I managed to get a couple of shots of CBF chicks, along with shots of the Christmas decorations along the premier shopping strip. They did notice the bulky shit pointing at them, but didn’t really seem to mind though. I got this shot of a girl from the back while her family was present. I had also wanted to get a shot in from the front, but that would be a tad too blatant for my liking. I prefer to do things slightly more subtly. Maybe I should get a 100-400mm telephoto lens and perma-camp at some place, snapping away at passing hot chicks. But then I realised that’d be a fail, because for every 100 girls you see in Singapore, roughly only 57 CBF-ed, less than 10 out of that 57 are seriously blazing hot, and to make matters much much worse, you can only get one out of the 100. Sometimes you win, sometimes you get fucked up bad. Life ain’t pretty.

I’ll get the photos up in the next post.

I hate my current job. It lasts me till the end of the month. The boss is a real fucktard, some fat fuck that smokes and has FUCKING BAD BREATH. His mouth smells like some chao ji bye, and that certainly ain’t pretty. He’s quite the dimwit as well, so sometimes we need to exterminate these pigs and make them into mince pies to be served at Christmas parties.

Lelong, $10 a pie. Made from au naturel mammal flesh.


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